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ASABE adopts four ISO milking machine standards

ASABE Published on 31 May 2011

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has nationally adopted with deviations four international standards concerning milking machines.

• ANSI/ASABE AD3918:2007, Milking machine installations – Vocabulary



• ANSI/ASABE AD6690:2007, Milking machine installations – Mechanical tests

• ANSI/ASABE AD5707:2007, Milking machine installations – Construction and performance

• ANSI/ASABE AD20966:2007, Automatic milking installations – Requirements and testing

The four ISO documents replace three ASABE standards, ANSI/ASAE S300.4, Milking machine installations – Vocabulary (AD3918), ASAE EP 445.1, Test Equipment and Its Application for Measuring Milking Machine Operating Characteristics (AD6690), and ASAE S518.2, Milking Machine Installations – Construction and Performance (AD5707).

Content of the adopted ISO standards was based substantially on ASABE documents and input from ASABE experts. The adoptions further harmonize national and international standardization, a goal that facilitates manufacturing, safety advancements and product marketing worldwide, while the deviations recognize those areas in which U.S. practices differ from those described by ISO.


A copy of the documents can be ordered by contacting ASABE headquarters directly at . ASABE members and those with site-license privileges to the ASABE online Technical Library, at, can view electronic copies of the standards in about four weeks. PD

—From ASABE news release