Dairy Dialogue with PDmag: Why you need a ‘glue guy’ on your dairy team

Published on 29 December 2017

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Why you need a 'glue guy' on your dairy



RECAP: After the Chicago Cubs won their first championship title in 108 years, Theo Epstein, the president of baseball operations for the team, claimed part of the team’s success was due to the stabilizing influence that veteran David Ross was to younger players on the team. He kept everything together – like glue. 

After these comments, Ross penned an article and described the characteristics of a ‘glue guy,’ which include being unselfish, a good teammate and a good communicator.


Why does this person have to be a guy? What about a gal? I agree with the principles discussed here and fully understand the concept you’re communicating, but come on, you know this role can be accomplished by a woman just as well as a man in the dairy industry.
—Meghan Filbert

You’re right. “Glue gal” most certainly would be appropriate as well. Thanks for reading the column.
Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley


'Raising these calves saved me': the story of Michigan dairy widow Amanda Leik

RECAP: Following the unexpected loss of her husband, Denny, in 2015, Michigan dairywoman Amanda Peckins Leik decided to continue farming with her three daughters.

Amanda Leik and daughtersA wonderful story. She is a brave determined young lady!!
—Phil McArdle

PHOTO: Amanda Leik’s three daughters are heavily involved in 4-H. From left to right, with mom Amanda in the back, are Emily, age 9, Elaine ‘Lainey,’ age 6, and Kelsey, age 11.  end mark

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