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Dairy farmers invited to visit Israel for private seminars

Israeli Dairy School Published on 19 June 2013

Israeli Dairy School now offers private, seven-day long seminars to dairy farmers and professionals who are interested in learning the latest technological advances made by the Israeli dairy industry.

Under the guidance of Israeli Dairy School founder Ofier Langer, a graduate of Jerusalem University, some of Israel's most esteemed dairy professionals and specialists now provide groups of five or more seminar attendees a customized education in various aspects of dairy farming.



The school, located in the outskirts of Nazareth, offers an array of interactive seminars that cover such topics as dairy herd nutrition, veterinary care, breeding, fertility management, sheep and goat dairy farming, dairy farm management and economics.

Throughout the week, attendees learn about modern management technologies in high-producing dairy herds, nutrition management and feeding principles, high-yield production under hot climate and heat stress conditions, milk quality, utter health and disease prevention.

They also have the opportunity to visit several successful Israeli dairy farms.

"Over the past few years, a trend towards the incorporation of technological advancements has been extremely prevalent in Israel,” Langer said. “Dairy farmers here are continually utilizing intensive production systems to maximize the average annual milk yield per cow, which reached 11,667 kg in 2011.”

Lectures are conducted exclusively in English, but other parts of the seminars can be conducted in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew and other languages.


Admission for a one-week seminar starts at $1,390 per person and includes kibbutz hotel accommodations, meals, inter-Israel transportation, professional lectures, sightseeing tours and visits to dairy farms.

Seminars, which are available year-round, are customized to the specific needs and requests of the attending group of five or more guests.

Optional trip extensions to tour Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Israeli holy sites can be arranged at an additional fee.

To enroll, visit the group’s website or send email. PD

—From Israeli Dairy School news release