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Export Assistance Watch: CWT-assisted exports total more than 1.1 billion pounds of milk

Published on 06 November 2018

The Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) export assistance program and CWT member cooperatives continue to work for the benefit of all U.S. dairy farmers in this challenging year.

In the third quarter, CWT assistance helped member cooperatives to capture 109 export sales contracts for those dairy products that most directly impact producers’ milk checks: American-type cheeses, butter containing 82 percent butterfat and whole milk powder.



These sales raised the 2018 CWT-assisted export sales totals to 47.6 million pounds of Cheddar, Gouda and Monterey Jack cheese, 13 million pounds of butter, and 52.1 million pounds of whole milk powder. These products headed overseas are the milkfat equivalent of 1.1 billion pounds of U.S. dairy farmer milk. end mark

Product destinations

Percentage of product sales third quarter 2018

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