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New Nexus stage to debut at PDPW Business Conference

Published on 18 January 2021

Companies wanting to pitch a new dairy industry technology at the PDPW Business Conference may submit applications by Feb. 1, for the new Nexus stage.

In partnership with Progressive Dairy, the Nexus stage affords companies with cutting-edge ideas, innovations and technologies an opportunity to connect with the dairy community's most innovative and pioneering dairy farmers and professionals. Each selected company will have 15 minutes of stage time to give an overview of their product, idea or service, and attendees will have five minutes to ask questions after each presentation to further understand implications at the farm and industry level. An expert facilitator from Progressive Dairy magazine will moderate the session.



Applications are due Feb. 1, 2021. Selected applicants must attend the PDPW Business Conference at Kalahari Resort and Conventions in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The initial application fee will be waived for companies that have already submitted payment and contract for the Hall of Ideas Trade and Equipment Show. Click here for details on how to apply, cost to enter and available rewards.  end mark