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State money awarded to a Nebraska farm coalition that was formed to fight an animal welfare group is drawing scrutiny from lawmakers, who question why Attorney General Jon Bruning awarded the money from a cash pool intended for environmental issues.

Bruning announced the $100,000 grant to "We Support Agriculture," a coalition created to promote farming in the midst of what it perceives as threats to Nebraska's agriculture industry. Bruning praised the group in a statement and encouraged an effort to fight the Humane Society of the United States, a national group that recently opened an office in Omaha.

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The amount and level of drug residues found in tissue samples of slaughtered cattle has been well documented. Sixty-seven percent of the violations are found in cull dairy cows, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like to know if there is any link to residues in milk produced from those same cows.

“We don’t think we have any kind of widespread problem, but we think that the only responsible thing we can do is to test the milk to determine just what residues there are out there,” said Deborah Cera with the Division of Compliance, Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA.

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When it comes to expanding market share, increasing revenue and getting the word out about a great product or commodity, checkoff programs prove there’s strength in numbers.

Officially called research and promotion programs, checkoff programs give agricultural producers, importers and other stakeholders in the marketing chain the power to maximize resources while managing risk.

The strategy for increasing or expanding commodity markets takes more cooperation within the industry than competition between individual farms and businesses.

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Fate of dairy reform uncertain after Super Committee failure
Just prior to the pre-Thanksgiving failure of the Super Committee to reach an bipartisan agreement on deficit reduction, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota) addressed, via a pre-recorded video segment, dairy producers attending NMPF/DMI’s joint annual meeting in San Diego, California.

Peterson said his sponsored legislation, The Dairy Security Act of 2011, had and “as much consensus as one can get” in Washington.

During the meeting NMPF confirmed that it was not support for dairy reform, but rather reform of direct payments to ag producers for other commodities, that stressed a deal on deficit reduction for agriculture committee chairs in both the House and Senate.

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Muddy River Farm, like other Northeastern dairies impacted by strong Atlantic storms that brought heavy rains and flooding earlier this fall, continues to clean up while looking for relief.

Dairywoman Karli Johnson said the day before the first major storm – Hurricane Irene – was just like any other day at Muddy River Farm.

“We knew there could be strong winds and heavy rains and that there wasn’t much we could do to prepare,” Karli says.

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