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About 300 activists representing the animal rights, environmental and public health movements converged in Arlington, Virginia, on Oct. 27-29 for the first-ever “Conference to End Factory Farming”. More than 25 speakers attempted to gain the attention of decision makers in Washington, D.C. with sessions titled “The Hidden Costs of Factory Farming,” “Inside the Industry,” and “Building Coalitions for Change.”

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Click here to download a pdf of the latest Export Watch update, provided by U.S. Dairy Export Council. PD

A recent Progressive Dairyman article on fluid milk sales contains several important points that all dairymen should understand. Click here to read Kaczor's article "Fluid milk sales head for 25-year low: Is anyone watching?" in the October 12th issue of Progressive Dairyman. I’d like to add several thoughts to the conversation.

Milk sales analysis usually includes a statement to the effect that other beverages have “stolen our share” of stomach. The reality is, no one stole our share of stomach – we, as an industry, gave it away. Experience shows, again and again, if we give consumers what they want, where and how they want it, milk sales will increase.

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When Hispanic dairy workers in South Dakota saw veterinarian Corale Dorn coming, they thought they were in trouble for doing something wrong, but this was before Dorn started using El Lechero.

One of the unique characteristics of the magazine, Dorn says, is its bilingual articles. This, she says, aids dairy and vet employees with vocabulary building.

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New Mexico water regulators adopted a settlement that puts to rest a dispute over the regulation of millions of tons of waste produced each year by the state's $2.6 billion dairy industry.

The Water Quality Control Commission voted unanimously during a hearing in Santa Fe in favor of the settlement brokered by state attorneys, dairy farmers and environmentalists.

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As U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visits Vietnam and China to talk trade, he's hoping to build on one of the few bright spots in the struggling American economy: agricultural exports.

U.S. agricultural exports are projected to reach a record $137 billion this year and hit that same mark next year. The U.S. agricultural trade surplus is expected to top $42 billion. And new free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama are expected to boost farm exports by another $2.3 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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