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U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand say the federal government will reimburse dairy farmers for the tons of milk that had to be dumped because it was unable to get to market because of Tropical Storm Irene.

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With buying from small, local, family-run farms becoming more popular, the results of a new study from Wisconsin could be surprising: It found that milk from big dairies is cleaner than that from small ones.

Lead researcher Steve Ingham said he did the study because he wanted to see whether there was a link between milk quality and the size of a dairy farm. He said the results cast doubt on the perception that big dairies can't matcher smaller ones in terms of quality.

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The Board of Directors of the National Dairy Producers Organization, Inc., today announced an urgent nationwide call for dairy producers to immediately decrease their milk production.

Bob Krucker, who serves on the board, wrote that the “National Dairy Producers Organization Inc. calls upon all dairy producers whose milk goes into making Class III inventoried products to voluntarily reduce their milk production by 5 percent.”

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The thousands of showgoers that attended Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, Pennsylvania, from Aug. 16-18 could breathe a little easier thanks to the state’s soybean growers. That's because the Ag Progress Days staff, working with the Pennsylvania Soybean Board, controlled the dust from the show’s gravel roads through a soy-based dust control agent known as DustKill.

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Think of farms and images of tractors and combines come to mind. But what about laptops, smart phones and tablets?

The number of farmers with Internet access on a variety of digital gadgets has dramatically increased, changing the way farms do business.

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