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Editor’s note: The following article summarizes an online survey being conducted on the use of tail docking.

Do you dock the tails of cows on your farm? Do your neighbors? What do you think of this practice? Here is your chance to share your views with other readers by participating in an online tail docking survey. You can see online which answers (and the reasons behind these) are most popular. We will also report results back to readers in the next issue, summarizing the most popular reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with docking the tails of dairy cows.

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News surfaced this week of plans being put on hold for what would have been the United Kingdom's largest dairy. Nocton Dairies, which had intended to build an 8,100-cow operation, faced opposition from animal rights activists and environmental campaigners.

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PD Poll MPCs imported

In the past two issues of Progressive Dairyman, we have printed the pros and cons of MPC imports and shared some producer comments on the subject.

To the right are some facts about the amount of MPCs imported (in 1,000 pounds) in 2009.

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Last week, Google searches, blogs and columns were buzzing about an Indiana dairyman who planned to use a gas mask, a boat and a Swiss Army knife to rid his manure lagoon of giant, 20-foot tall manure bubbles.

The manure bubbles were caused by a liner detaching from the lagoon's bottom. The producer, Tony Golstein of Winchester, Indiana, said he couldn't afford to repair the liner properly but thought he could pop the bubbles himself.

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Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney met with New York dairy producers this week to discuss the lack of competition and unfair milk prices.

The forum, held in Batavia, New York, drew about 200 people. Although Varney spent most of the meeting listening to about 25 dairy farmers and industry officials, she said her sector of the government was aware of the problem.

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A bill that would allow farmers to sell raw, unpasteurized milk directly to consumers has moved out of an Assembly committee. The Rural Economic Development Committee approved the bill 8-1. The move clears the way for a vote in the full Assembly.

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