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Japanese dairy producers seek out ways to increase milk quality and decrease the incidence of mastitis.

Bill Gehm was most proud of the milking system he was installing at a Japanese dairy when the dairy’s owner interrupted his dinner. Sitting in a restaurant, a Japanese corporate dairy officer accompanying Gehm on his tour relayed a hurried message from the dairyman.

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Cenzone allowed to file suit against Alltech

In a recent development in the litigation between Alltech Inc. and Cenzone Tech Inc., a federal judge allowed Cenzone to file claims for antitrust violations against Alltech in November 2006, rejecting Alltech’s objections to the filing of the claims.

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What will the dairy industry in the Southeast look like in 10 years? What will it look like in five years? I don’t pretend to know, but past history suggests the Southeast will continue to lose cow numbers and milk production. If current trends continue for another 10 years, a few people and a handful of cows may be all that is left. Some believe this has already happened in certain regions. I don’t believe this will happen throughout the Southeast, but trends are trends.

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Editor’s Note: The following is a summary of the 2005 Family Farm Report. The full report can be found at

Farming in the United States is very diverse, ranging from very small retirement and residential farms to enterprises with annual sales in the millions of dollars. Farms are operated by individuals on a part-time basis, by multiple generations of a family and by managers of nonfamily corporations. Some specialize in a single product, while others produce a wide variety of products.

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