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Progressive Dairy Industry Happenings: January 19, 2021

Published on 19 January 2021

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Business Digest Highlights



New products and services

Dairy Tech Inc. introduces updated G-Series Combi Pasteurizers and stainless steel E Filler

Dairy Tech Inc. has updated its G-Series Combi Pasteurizers and introduced a new stainless steel E Filler.

The pasteurizers still give farms the ability to pasteurize colostrum or whole milk. Upgrades include:

  • New touchscreen and programming

  • Adjustable control box: Control system swivels to the side to protect it from steam and washing procedures.

  • Redesigned drain spout: Larger spout opening for quicker unloading and shorter spout length ensures all milk in the spout is fully pasteurized.

  • Stainless steel body and legs

  • The new direct-drive motor is fully controlled by programming.

  • No high voltage to the motor or control area for improved safety. Instead, an air switch powers the system.

  • Additional temperature sensors for improved process control.

  • Real-time monitoring of heating elements and other critical components offers easier maintenance.

The system works with the company’s Perfect Udder app to monitor cycles, employee interface and component failure warnings.

The new stainless steel E Fillers feature:


  •  steel table mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel funnel helps verify cleanliness
  • Mounting screws for attaching bracket to the work surface
  • Graduated 1-liter pitcher with easy measurements

The fillers can be used with all Perfect Udder colostrum management bags and ready-to-serve feed products in the Perfect Udder Feeding System.

Visit Dairy Tech Inc.  for more information.

Industry News

Software innovation allows livestock producers to quickly determine soybean feed value, formulate rations

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff-funded High Yield PLUS Quality (HY+Q) program uncovered up to billions of dollars of potential livestock feed value hiding at the variety level. However, calculating feed value for nearly 50,000 soybean samples took five people three weeks, making it difficult to get soybean quality data to farmers in time to make seed selection decisions.

The solution: Dalex Livestock Solutions and a software modification that reduces the analysis calculation to about two hours. This means the soybean feed value analysis can be completed and data made available to livestock nutritionists and producers much faster. Soybean producers also benefit because they gain critical insight into feed value rankings at the variety level to aid in their seed selection decisions.

The software modification makes it possible to quickly compare the feed value of thousands of soybean samples. Now one nutritionist can run more than 50,000 samples through the software in about two hours.


ISA statisticians analyzed the sample data to see which varieties deliver the highest livestock feed value over time. The entire process the association developed brings a new criterion to farmers when selecting soybean seed.

Visit Soy Value for more information.

Vaxxinova US acquires marketing rights for its SRP salmonella cattle vaccine

Vaxxinova US, formerly Epitopix, acquired marketing rights for the SRP salmonella cattle vaccine. The vaccine, previously marketed by Zoetis Animal Health, will now be marketed by its manufacturer Vaxxinova US. Under its new name, Vaxxon SRP Salmonella is the same product which veterinarians, producers and distributors have come to trust.

Visit Vaxxinova US for more information.

Farm Credit West announces an increase in cash dividends amid pandemic

Farm Credit West, ACA announced the board of directors has voted to distribute a patronage dividend to customer-owners equal to 150 basis points (bps) or 1.5% of eligible average outstanding loan balances in 2020. This patronage dividend includes a special pandemic-related relief payment of 50 bps distributed to customers during the summer of 2020. Distribution of the additional 100 bps cash patronage will begin in February 2021.

The combined 150 bps patronage distribution for 2020 represents the highest payout company customer-owners have received since the program’s inception in 2002. In each of the years 2018 and 2019, the company distributed 100 bps in patronage dividends to customers.

Visit Farm Credit West for more information.

Zinpro announces - The Farm Animal Series

Zinpro Corporation announces an exclusive collection of artwork by eight Black artists, entitled The Farm Animal Series. The series depicts nine different farm animals, each one more creatively done than the next. The work is currently on display at its corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie.

Commissioned exclusively by Zinpro as one of several planned investments in elevating Black families and communities, the collection focuses on the expressive work of eight talented and renowned Haitian artists.

Each artist continues to enjoy growing international recognition through their exhibitions in venues from the Venice Biennale to exhibitions in Havana, Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, China, Switzerland and Senegal.

Following the unrest in Minneapolis earlier this year, in which a spotlight was shined upon the state of Minnesota, Zinpro felt compelled to create this collection to connect its staff and its global agriculture community through art.

The series will remain on permanent display at the global headquarters in Eden Prairie.

Organization news

Operations Managers Conference goes virtual in 2021

Presented by Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY and the Northeast Dairy Producers Association, the Operations Managers Conference provides an opportunity for the people responsible for day-to-day activities on dairy farms to enhance their skills and embrace excellence on the farm.

The 2021 event will be offered as a 100% virtual conference series. The series, presented weekly from Jan. 28 through Feb. 18, will be a four-week virtual event featuring educational topics and applicable strategies for management teams, whether their focus is cows, crops or people.

Each two-hour session will include a general kick-off presentation and attendee’s choice of one technical breakout session in the area of dairy, crop or human resource management. One breakout session each week will be offered in Spanish. All sessions will be recorded and available to conference registrants. Registrants will also have access to additional presentation content and networking opportunities in a conference app.

Visit Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY or contact Heather Darrow, PRO-DAIRY conference coordinator.

Holstein Association USA seeks nominations for annual awards

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Holstein Association USA annual awards including the Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Elite Breeder and Distinguished Leadership awards.

Download award applications on the Holstein Association USA website (Holstein Association USA). Nomination applications must be postmarked by Jan. 31. Honorees will receive their recognition during the 2021 National Holstein Convention, June 20-24, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship awards $3,000 to a qualified individual pursuing their MBA at an accredited university. Applications for this scholarship must be received by April 15.

Visit Holstein Association USA for more information.

New tool helps farmers, ranchers develop custom Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention

The Beef Checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program developed a Daily Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention template. The template, which helps cattle producers implement daily biosecurity measures on their operations, is available digitally as a PDF or can be printed for handwritten plans.

The template was specifically designed to be customizable and covers everything from animal movement to worker training. The goal of this program is to provide beef farmers and ranchers with the information needed to implement biosecurity plans. In addition to providing basic information, the tool emphasizes why biosecurity is vital on cattle operations and provides an opportunity for producers to have conversations with their herd veterinarians, extension agents and state BQA coordinators about biosecurity preparedness.

Visit Beef Quality Assurance for more information.

Holstein Association USA recognizes 2020 National Holstein Show champions and class winners

Due to COVID-19, Holstein Association USA is not having the All-National Showcase program in 2020. Instead, the association is recognizing the Grand Champions, Champion Bred and Owned, Junior Champions, Intermediate Champions and Senior Champions along with the top two winners in each class from the four National Holstein Shows held in 2020.

Junior Champions

  • Midwest Fall National: MS ROLLNVEW JUMP4FUN-RED-ET, Jacob, Logan and Madison Harbaugh, Marion, Wisconsin

  • Western Spring National: RUANN DOORMAN GAY-91519-ET, Graisson and Mandy Schmidt and Tyler Dickerhoof, Melrose, Wisconsin

  • Southern Fall National: OPSAL AMMO CALEESI, Drew D and Shana M Lueking, Centralia, Illinois

  • Mid-East Fall National: KRULLCREST RCH DM LUNA-ET, Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsay Bowen and John Cannon, West Salem, Ohio

Intermediate Champions

  • Midwest Fall National: LE-O-LA ARVIS LAURALEE, Royce and Regan Demmer, Peosta, Iowa

  • Western Spring National: MS PG PV DOORMAN ASPIRE-ET, Stephen and Patrick Maddox, Riverdale, California

  • Southern Fall National: KCCK JORDY RACHEL-RED, Cole and Carter Kruse, Dyersville, Iowa

  • Mid-East Fall National: TEX-STEIN JACOBY BRYANNA, Gavin Steinberger, Windthorst, Texas

Senior Champions

  • Midwest Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Western Spring National: APGAMBO ATWOOD KEENAN, Stephen and Patrick Maddox and Alexandra Gambonini, Riverdale, California

  • Southern Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Mid-East Fall National: LINDALE DOORMAN FELINA, Ackley Holsteins and Pat Conroy, East Liberty, Ohio

Champion Bred and Owned

  • Midwest Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Western Spring National: APGAMBO ATWOOD KEENAN, Stephen and Patrick Maddox and Alexandra Gambonini, Riverdale, California

  • Southern Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Mid-East Fall National: KINGS-RANSOM MONTRY CANS-ET, Lauren King, Schuylerville, New York

Grand Champions

  • Midwest Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Western Spring National: APGAMBO ATWOOD KEENAN, Stephen and Patrick Maddox and Alexandra Gambonini, Riverdale, California

  • Southern Fall National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, Rick and Tom Simon, Farley, Iowa

  • Mid-East Fall National: LINDALE DOORMAN FELINA, Ackley Holsteins and Pat Conroy, East Liberty, Ohio

Visit Holstein Association USA for more information and to see a complete list of winners.

Animal Agriculture Alliance announces 2020 College Aggies Online scholarship winners

The end of 2020 was a little brighter for some students as they take home scholarships for being named winners of the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s College Aggies Online competition.

The individual winners are:

  • First place, $2,500 scholarship: Brynnen Gardner, Iowa State University and Jessica Schmitt, Iowa State University

  • Second place, $1,000 scholarship: Kathryn Bosley, State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill and Margaret Pratt, St. George’s University

  • Third place, $500 scholarship: Sydney Mitchell, South Central College and Madalyn Neuschwander, Oklahoma State University

The club winners are:

  • First place, $2,750 scholarship: Northwest Missouri State University Agriculture Advocacy Class

  • Second place, $1,250 scholarship: West Texas A&M University Agronomy Club

The winners are invited to attend the alliance’s 2021 Virtual Stakeholders Summit, set for May 5-6, for national recognition.

Visit Animal Agriculture Agalliance for more information. end mark

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