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1409 PD: is head of class

Published on 21 September 2009

Even though Progressive Dairy Publishing received the award, we know our website, which was voted best Special Site, would be for naught if it wasn’t for our members.

Membership is closing in on 200 members and counting. We currently have 187 members.



Nineteen of our members come from outside of the U.S., with Canada and Mexico tied with the most at 6 each. Pennsylvania is still the leading the 36 states in member population. They currently have 33 members, but Wisconsin is making a strong push to take over first place by jumping to 29 members.

Keep coming back to our website for new features on members, states and organizations in the dairy industry. PD

Special Site:
Developed by Ray Merritt and Ryan Curtis

“This is an awesome use of a NING social networking website. There is great user involvement and the site has tons of relevant and fun information for its intended audience. The videos and images are great additions to the site. The featured blog posts are well written and add to the very personal elements of the site. You can definitely tell that the members of this site are proud to dairy!”
--Livestock Publications Council 2009 Judges