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1409 PD: Serving Dairymen Nationwide

Published on 21 September 2009

Progressive Dairy Publishing recently brought home impressive recognitions from the Livestock Publications Council’s annual critique contest announced at Ag Media Summit held in Forth Worth, Texas, August 1-5.

The annual contest critiques participating livestock publications and involves 34 judges and 11 regional contest coordinators.



More than 50 publications entered the competition. Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley, received first place for his editorial in the June 17, 2008 issue of Progressive Dairyman. Cooley recounts the memories of a dairyman that made a big impact on him and many more.

Progressive Dairyman Assistant Editor Ryan Curtis received first place for his feature/human interest story in the January 22, 2008 issue of Progressive Dairyman. A story that documented the plight of Washington State dairy producers that had to overcome the destruction of a winter flood and the help that came to their rescue.

Progressive Dairy Publishing illustrator/designer Kevin Brown received first place for his depiction of a life cycle of a fly. His drawing for El Lechero enhanced a story about fly control.

Also receiving honorable mention at the summit was Progressive Dairyman Publishing’s Proud to Dairy logo and the Progressive Dairyman Advertising Media kit. PD

Editorial: We’re not raising cows by Walt Cooley
“By far the best in the category. The writer uses personal experience to make a very powerful point, without overwriting.”


Feature/human interest story: Flooded dairies begin cleanup by Ryan Curtis
“Hopefully, this article resulted in assistance for the flood victims. Next, how about a one-year follow-up?”

Single graphic illustrating an article: Life cycle of a fly by Kevin Brown
“This is a bilingual explanation of how flies breed, multiply and why control is needed to keep milk quality and quality high. This is an excellent primer for Spanish-speaking dairy workers.”