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Canada, here we come!

PD Editor Karen Lee Published on 21 September 2010

David Dyment Canada

Progressive Publishing is excited to announce it is taking its flagship publication, Progressive Dairyman, to the Great White North beginning in 2011.



We felt there was no better place to make this announcement than at World Dairy Expo, where a significant Canadian contingency meets the U.S. dairy industry as the foundation of the international show.

While it is hard to place a figure on the number of World Dairy Expo attendees from Canada, it is estimated they are the second-largest country represented at the show, behind the U.S.

“Even when the cattle couldn’t, the Canadian breeders still came,” says World Dairy Expo Marketing Manager Lisa Behnke, referring to the years 2003 through 2007, when the U.S./Canadian border was closed to cattle crossing due to concerns over bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

With the exception of those years, more than 200 animals from seven provinces cross the border each year to compete at the show.

“It’s exciting the level of competition we see in Madison,” exclaims Laura Herschleb, World Dairy Expo dairy cattle manager. “The level of competition even when the Canadian cattle were not here was second to none. It certainly steps it up to have them here at World Dairy Expo, and is quite an honor to host them.”


Just as Canadian and U.S. cattle stand hoof to hoof on the colored shavings, we hope every issue of Progressive Dairyman will deliver the same quality of information.

The first edition of Progressive Dairyman – Canada will arrive in mailboxes on Jan. 1, 2011 and will be followed by five more throughout the year. Targeted to all dairy producers and related industry professionals in Canada, it will follow a similar editorial and ad format to the U.S. editions.

Focus topics throughout the year will include A.I. and breeding; calf and heifer raising; feed, forages and nutrition; hoof care; cow comfort and cooling; and working with your vet.

It will feature Canadian dairymen, as well as pre-show coverage of four Canadian shows: Pacific Agricultural Show, Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, Western Canada Farm Progress Show and Canada Outdoor Farm Show.

As with all of our publications, we enjoy hearing from our audience. Therefore, Progressive Publishing invites all those that call Canada home to come to its booth inside the Arena Building (AR #440) to share with us what you would like to see in your newest dairy magazine. PD

PHOTO: The best of the U.S. and Canada compete head-to-head at World Dairy Expo. Pictured are Canadian Pierre Boulet and 2008 Supreme Champion Thrulane James Rose, and 2009 Supreme Champion Harvue Roy Frosty (owned by Duckett, Junemann, Armbrust USA) with David Dyment, Canada, on the halter. Photo courtesy of World Dairy Expo.