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Local Spotlight: American Dairy Association Indiana

Published on 29 September 2017

Your local dairy promotion organizations also develop important partnerships that advance dairy farmers’ interests and help consumers live healthier lives:

American Dairy Association Indiana

The annual registered dietitian summit provided about 100 dietitians with a dairy farm tour, led by a farmer, a veterinarian and a dairy nutritionist, where they could ask questions about on-farm practices such as the milking process and animal care. The day concluded with a communications training focused on dairy nutrition.



Additionally, ADA Indiana partnered with the Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Indiana Academy of Family Physicians, to provide nutrition science through educational sessions and handouts at their annual meetings.

Midwest Dairy Association

The University of Iowa Wellness Corps, a nationwide Fuel Up to Play 60 community service program coordinated in the state by the Midwest Dairy Council, was featured in the Hawkeye Fall 2016 football game day magazine.

The article showcased the 75-plus student athletes who volunteered more than 2,000 hours encouraging schools to engage in Fuel Up to Play 60. Wellness Corps allows student athletes to be health and wellness role models. It also adds valuable leadership and career-building skills.

Dairy Council of California

In partnership with the LA Trust for Children’s Health, the Dairy Council of California developed an online healthy eating pathway for teens and distributed nutrition education materials to 200-plus school-based health centers. The mailing included a wellness “prescription” pad health educators can use to help teens broaden their eating habits, participate in school meal programs and increase physical activity. The pathway has been accessed more than 1,800 times.

Western Dairy Association

The Western Dairy Association partnered with Colorado Beef Council, Common Ground Colorado, Denver Botanic Gardens, Great Western Sugar, Monsanto, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and others to take a group of 25 registered dietitians, interns and students on tours of dairy, beef and vegetable farms in June.


WDA helped them understand modern agriculture and how farming and sustainable food systems help foster the health of people, communities, animals and the planet.

Florida Dairy Farmers

Florida Dairy Farmers registered dietitian Alyssa Greenstein met with several health professional groups over the summer. Among them were more than 8,000 professionals at the Florida Dental Association’s annual meeting.

This group was targeted because their patient interactions often last 40 to 50 minutes per visit, providing an opportunity to promote dairy as a building block for dental and bone health. Dairy farmer Freda Carey, who also is a dental hygienist, provided an overview of dairy farming in Florida.

United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Athletic trainers are on the front lines working with athletes and are often asked nutrition questions, so the United Dairy Industry of Michigan hosted five athletic trainers and a registered dietitian on a dairy farm tour.

The group learned about dairy cow nutrition, milk quality and the local aspect of milk. They gained greater confidence in dairy and encouraged their peers to participate in future tours.