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We are almost at 300 members!

Published on 19 January 2010

Proud to Dairy is very close to awarding its 300th member with a hat.




As of January 6, we have 274. In looking at the numbers, I found some information that was interesting. We have a good following in other countries. We have 26 members from 12 countries outside the U.S., representing the six inhabited continents.

Obviously our main focus is the U.S. Wisconsin has increased its member numbers to 53, maintaining the spot for highest number of Proud to Dairy members. Pennsylvania is flirting with 50 as their numbers reached 46 members. See the table on the far right for the top four states’ numbers.

We also added the numbers for each region (according to our regionalized mapping system). The East Coast and Midwest regions, which have the most farmers in them, have the highest numbers of members at 109 and 79, respectively. Look at the map to see how all the regions are doing. If you aren’t a member, join. The 300th member will receive a free hat. And we will send a free hat to whomever referred that member.

All the break-down of numbers aside, the point of Proud to Dairy is to give dairy farmers a place to gather and share ideas. It’s the combining of our efforts that really makes a difference. For example, I found an article on the Ohio Farm Bureau’s website (via Twitter) that looked back on Issue 2, which was a landmark victory for animal agriculture in Ohio. The article discussed how Ohio farmers collectively made efforts to inform the public and vote for Issue 2. When you can combine the efforts of nearly 500 hard-working farmers, great things can happen.

Where does Proud to Dairy fit in?



Proud to Dairy is a great place for dairymen to post how initiatives and efforts in their area worked and what didn’t work. It’s a free market of ideas, or can be if we share. Borders are thinner and public opinion is shaped across state lines. If you want to protect your livelihood, you will have to find a way to improve public perception. There are a lot of well-funded non-government agencies that are trying to change the public’s understanding of animal agriculture. If we share ideas and successes, we can discover ways to spread the truth and gain consumer confidence.

In the meantime, learn more about the members, states and organizations that make Proud to Dairy a special place to be. PD