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As we enter the fall months of the year, it appears that we finally have milk pricing that would put us in the black once again, but how long will it last? We are already seeing the Class III market on the CME fall below the cost of production for the first six months of 2011.

Beginning in 2009, we have endured unprecedented losses. For approximately 10 months, we experienced losses averaging $5 per hundredweight (cwt), which was followed by another eight months of less than breakeven prices. We have seen our cow loans stretched to the maximum, our feed loans out of compliance, our property values falling below desirable levels and our cow values falling as well.

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The Cal Poly Classic Sale was held on Friday, October 15, 2010 at the Cal Poly Dairy Farm in San Luis Obispo, California. The sale pavilion was packed with sale goers, Cal Poly alumni and friends.

42 live and choice Holstein lots averaged $3,024, and 65 Holstein embryos averaged $438.00. 12 live and choice Jersey lots averaged $2,732, and 30 Jersey embryos averaged $312.50.

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The Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium partnered up with New Mexico State University and Texas AgriLife Extension to host the Dairy Industry Short Course, held recently in Amarillo, Texas. The short course, which took place October 12-14, was designed for extension agents and allied industry representatives who wished to learn more about the large herd management and the major issues impacting the industry in the Southwest.

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This article was #24 in PDmag's Top 25 most-well read articles in 2010.

Summary: The National Dairy Producers Organization was established in the early fall of 2010. Doug Maddox and Gary Genske, both on the board of directors, explain the goals of the organization, which include establishing a unified voice in the dairy industry and restructuring the national milk pricing formula.

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