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Joseta Halbur
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Dairy Sanitation Division Manager

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Following two days of herdsman training in English, the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) offered a similar training. This time, however, it was taught exclusively in Spanish by Oscar Duarte, DVM and Humberto Rivera, DVM.

Around 40 dairy employees gathered on Sept. 16 at the University of Wisconsin Arlington Research Farm to better their herdsman skills.

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More than 90 dairy producers and farm employees gathered to focus on animal care, animal handling, cow protocols and reproduction at the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) Herdsman Training: Focusing on Cow-Side Care. The one-day training course was held in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, on Sept. 14 and in Madison, Wisconsin, on Sept. 15.

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The 71st Minnesota Nutrition Conference will be held next week in Owatonna, Minnesota. Below is a sneak peek at two of the dairy nutrition sessions that will be held.

"Impact of crossbreeding on profitability of dairying"
Presenter: Brad Heins

Q. Why is this topic important?
Reproductive performance and survival rates have been overlooked by many when comparing purebreds and crossbreds.Cows that die on farm or need to be culled for various reasons affect the profitability of the dairy farm. This information can be significant to dairy producers to help maintain cow numbers in the herd.

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The use of antibiotics in food animal production and its possible tie to antibiotic resistance in humans has been in the news recently. Congress received testimony about the issue, and several new laws or regulations are proposed to address it.

Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley discusses how close the national debate comes to the everyday use of antibiotics on dairies with AABP Executive Vice President Gatz Riddell.

Q. What is the national debate on the use of antibiotics in food animal production really about?
At face value, the main debate is about the fear of microbial resistance. And that’s a valid concern because in human medicine it has become a significant issue.

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