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The emerging depiction of the current state of the dairy industry in the U.S. is becoming an ever-changing reality for large and small dairy farms across the country. The outcome is uncertain and tends to be rather intimidating to those who try to predict the future of our dairy industry.

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We've had a busy month giving out Proud to Dairy items and promoting June Dairy Month activities. But the celebration isn't over yet!

We'll be awarding four hats on Friday, June 25, and giving away the iPod at the end of the day on June 30. Check out the ways you can enter:

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Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding shared an industry update with Pennsylvania’s dairy leaders on Wednesday, June 9, and celebrated Dairy Month with a 90-gallon ice cream sundae served on the Capitol steps.

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DeLaval announced that its innovative herd management solution, the Herd Navigator system will go on sale together with the DeLaval voluntary milking system (VMS) – a unique and integrated Smart Farming release for the dairy industry that will give milk producers a whole new level of control over their operations. Herd Navigator is a revolutionary new concept developed and launched in a close and unique enterprise between the partners Dansk Kvaeg, DeLaval and FOSS.

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Earlier this year the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California, opened a new exhibit about climate change. The exhibit originally encouraged visitors to reduce their consumption of milk and meat to mitigate climate change and featured a dairy cow statue wearing a gas mask.

On behalf of dairy producers, the California Milk Advisory Board and Western United Dairymen led an effort to change the exhibit, which resulted in changes to the exhibit’s message and the removal of the gas mask. Editor Walt Cooley discusses how the two groups did it.

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