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1209 PD: New hire Jim Loften

Published on 05 August 2009

Jim Loften
Manager, Technical Sales and Service at MSC Specialty Nutrition in Dundee, Illinois

I was born and raised in north-central Iowa where my father practiced veterinary medicine. His practice was 90% large animal. My oldest brother, Doug, also became a vet and went back to Osage to practice with my father. I gained a great deal of experience working for them during my high school and college years. My interest in animal health stems from those formative years.



I received my B.S. degree from Iowa State University in 1974 in animal science, my M.S. degree in dairy science in 1978 from the University of Georgia and my PhD in animal science in 1980 from the University of Georgia.

I was the general manager for NPC in charge of the dairy division for the past five years. Prior to that, I managed a 1,500-cow dairy for two years in northern Minnesota. I spent 18 years with Ralston Purina Company.

How will you be of most help to producers in your area of expertise?
I will help producers choose the right products for their situation and then help them set up a system which allows them to measure the response. That’s what gains credibility and proves the value of your product and service.

I will also continue to be involved in research projects designed to find new solutions that lead to new products which improves their competitive position in the marketplace.

What excites you most about working in your new role?
It allows a great deal of freedom to combine university research projects, field research projects and apply results to new product development. Our emphasis in research is to provide products to dairymen and other producers that create a benefit that they can measure.


If you can measure it, you can put a value on it. As we all know, this economic climate we are currently in is going to result in a great deal more scrutiny in making feeding decisions. Producers need to know that they made a good decision and that it can be seen on their bottom line.

What’s your best story from the first day on the job?
I had worked for MSC five years ago in tech service. My first day was like I had never left. Everyone was fired up. PD

Jim Loften
Manager, Technical Sales
and Service at MSC
Specialty Nutrition in
Dundee, Illinois