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In your own words... ‘What one thing would you change about how your dairy checkoff dollars are spent?’

Published on 11 September 2015

Hal drick Hal Drick
Allenwood, Pennsylvania

“I think the checkoff program can do a better job of advertising and selling milk based on its health benefits. I think we need to be doing a better job of reaching the younger generation through hip commercials. We need to make milk cool instead of something Mom makes you drink.”



Prairies Edge Organic Dairy
Kerkhoven, Minnesota

“It would be nice to have a few dollars for the promotion of organic milk. We’re certified organic and pay into the checkoff and get nothing in return (as far as we know).”

Jeff True
Perry, New York

“I think there is too much generic advertising and not enough specific product advertising. In my mind, it’s too vanilla. I’d also like to see them talk about the innovations that dairy farmers are doing.”

justin and kevin siewert Justin and Kevin Siewert
Zumbro Falls, Minnesota


“We would like to see more of a focus on educating consumers regarding science-based animal welfare, such as promoting how technology is good for consumers and the environment, and how those implications are for every system – from conventional to grazing.”

joe hassinger Joe Hassinger
McClure, Pennsylvania

“We need more advertising for other dairy products, like cheese and yogurt. They should be doing more marketing to kids.”

Lloyd Phillips
Radford, Virginia

“I think our regional checkoff [the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association] is doing a good job. I’d consider raising the checkoff a nickel from 15 cents to 20 cents. If we don’t promote milk to sell it, what good is producing it?”  PD