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Names in the News: Kinnard Farms, Kooistra Farms, Carl Schindler and Cottrell Homestead

Published on 30 September 2015

Kinnard Farms
Casco, Wisconsin
WFRV-TV Channel 5 of Green Bay, Wisconsin, interviewed Lee Kinnard about his operation’s three-year battle with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources.

The Casco dairy has received the go-ahead from DNR to expand from milking 4,000 to 6,500 cows, Kinnard said. He explained the operation’s nutrient management plan and highlighted other areas where the farm manages water and air quality.



“Our goal is to always leave [the land] in a little better shape than we found it,” Kinnard said.

Click here to watch the WFRV-TV interview.

Kooistra Farms
Woodstock, Illinois
The Northwest Herald recently featured the dairy promotion efforts of Linnea Kooistra of Woodstock, Illinois. Kooistra and her husband, Joel, milk 500 cows and are the third generation on their farm.

Their farm was featured as part of the Udder Truth campaign, which aims to dispel myths surrounding the dairy industry. Kooistra was interviewed about a number of hot-button issues, including antibiotics, raw milk and organic versus conventional.

“We test vigilantly,” Kooistra said about antibiotics. “There are so many people in the system. We’re testing at a farm level, veterinarians are attentive about the antibiotics they use to treat sick animals, and the processors are testing at their level. Farmers have a commitment to caring for the animals and the consumers to provide a quality, safe product. We’re doing a good job. The system is working.”


Click here to read the Northwest Herald article.

Carl Schindler
Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
After reading Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham’s claim that Red Lake County in Minnesota was the “absolute worst place to live in America,” area residents invited him to see it for himself.

One stop on Ingraham’s tour included a visit to Carl Schindler’s dairy farm in Red Lake Falls. Ingraham had written his article about Red Lake County’s natural features (or lack thereof, in his opinion) based on a U.S. Department of Agriculture index.

“You can tell really interesting stories with data,” Ingraham told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “But you can’t, in most cases, tell the complete story.”

Click here to read the Washington Post article.

Cottrell Homestead
Richmond, Rhode Island
Glen Cottrell of Richmond, Rhode Island, opened up his farm to the Providence Journal. He spoke highly about his 58-cow herd of Holsteins, Jerseys and Ayrshires.


“Cows are clever,” Glen said. “Don’t ever think they’re dumb.”

Glen farms with his brother, Matt, and the help of their father, Oliver.

The Cottrell farm was named Rhode Island’s 2015 Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year. 

Click here to read the Providence Journal article.  PD