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Names in the News: November 21, 2013 issue

PD Staff Published on 20 November 2013

Names in the News

Paul Rovey
Casa Grande, Arizona
Paul Rovey, president of United Dairymen of Arizona, was mentioned in an article in the Casa Grande Dispatch for his attendance at the opening of a new yogurt processing plant, the fourth-largest dairy processing facility in the area.



Click here to read the Casa Grande Dispatch article.

Wholesome Family Farm
Creswell, Oregon

Joseph Bray of Wholesome Family Farm in Creswell, Oregon, was interviewed for an article in the Eugene Daily News. The article centered on the debate surrounding the sale of raw milk. Bray’s farm produces raw milk, and he discussed some of its benefits and the steps he, as a dairyman, takes to ensure a safe and healthy product.

Click here to read the Eugene Daily News article.

Riggs & Stiles Inc.
Berryville, Virginia

Stanley Stiles and his wife of 60 years, Barbara, were featured in a article that spotlighted their family farm as the highest-yielding farm in Virginia. The couple talked about the changes in the industry and some of the challenges they and their family have faced over the years. PD