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1408 PD: New Products

Published on 29 September 2008

Complex trace minerals listed by OMRI for use in certified organic feed formulations

Zinpro Corporation announced the addition of two new products – 4-PlexE and ZINPROE – which are officially listed under the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as allowed for use in the production of organic foods. This is the first and only organic trace mineral to receive this OMRI listing designation, according to Joseph Carrica, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Zinpro Corporation.



The OMRI listing provides an advantage over other trace mineral products that are labeled “organic use approval.” Products with that label have only been assessed within the context of one feed formulation that is certified organic. If a different feed formulation would include that same product, it would need to be reassessed in order to use the claim “organic use approval.”

—From Zinpro news release

Weigh while they walk
Tru-Test announces “WOW!” Walk Over Weighing. This weighing system is the most advanced weighing technology available, allowing you to weigh dairy cows without stopping them on the platform. It’s designed with an extremely advanced algorithm to capture an animal’s weight quickly and accurately when integrated with an RFID panel reader system.

—From Tru-Test news release

Effective alternative to iodine dips
A&L Laboratories is pleased to introduce iodine-free Masticare, the first and only teat dip/spray in the U.S. with LSA technology. Research shows it kills all known mastitis-causing organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. It comes ready to use and is available as a pre- and post-dip or spray disinfectant.


This product does not contain aggressive oxidizers such as chlorine bleach, chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide, which are typically found in other traditional non-iodine dips. All these elements have been shown to irritate teats. Instead, LSA technology features a synergistic complex of hydroxy acids, including salicylic acid, which is less irritating because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

—From A&L Laboratories news release PD