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August 11, 2013 issue: New Products

PD Staff Published on 09 August 2013

A&L Labs’ Superkleen available
A&L Laboratories Inc. has created Superkleen which, according to the company, provides an efficient and economical solution to cleaning bulk tanks and CIP systems.

The new product, available through registered company dealers, is a non-foaming low-phosphorus liquid that includes an improved formulation for effective removal of fat and protein while providing increased hard water tolerance.



—From A&L Laboratories news release

Digi-Star releases new version of TMR Tracker
Digi-Star’s new version of its feed management solution, TMR Tracker version 4.1, improves dry matter intake (DMI) tracking and enhances premix options.

The tracker now provides a more accurate “income-over-feed-cost” value by including feed concentrates into the total DMI amount per pen, according to the company.

This includes concentrates fed at robotic milkers, stand-alone feed systems and the like that allows dairies to place more emphasis on ingredient and feed control protocols.

Users have more control in defining business transactions by being able to set the “shift clock” according to their schedule. It also has a premix option and allows for count breaks when entering premix amounts in inventory.


They also can select the premix as “actual weight” or “dry weight” and enter increments of 1 pound, 100 pounds, 1,000 pounds and 1 ton.

—From Digi-Star news release

Patz Corp. introduces new vertical mixer series
Patz Corp. has released the 1,100 cubic-foot 2400 Series II trailer twin- screw vertical mixer that includes optional steel-rubber side extensions that boost capacity to 1,270 cf.

Using two patent-pending vortex screws and patented baffles, ingredients are mixed quickly without compromising feed quality, according to the company, ensuring thorough TMR regardless of batch size.

The mixer has a self-steering rear axle, while the primary PTO driveline has an automatic cutout clutch, eliminating the need to replace shear bolts.

The trailer includes a two-speed drive package, available with or without an optional oil cooling system. Another standard feature is the Bull-Pull articulating implement hitch, which prevents backlash.


A wide variety of options provide multiple opportunities for customization, according to the company. A patent-pending tub-mounted magnet is available to easily remove tramp metal that may be contained in the ration.

Ideal for high-hay rations, patent-pending Raptor knives feature a forward-facing design to dig in, hook and cut bales faster and more aggressively. PD

—From Patz Corp . news release