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Dairy industry’s first DDBSA-based pre-dip launched

PD Staff Published on 22 March 2012
0512pd_np_delaval_1DeLaval strives to offer dairy producers effective, fast-acting teat dips to help them protect the milk quality and udder health of their herd.

With the launch of DeLaval Opti Blue – a pre-milk teat dip – customers can be sure that even heavily soiled teats are clean before milking.

Lab and customer tested, this pre-dip can help farmers cost-effectively fight mastitis.



Formulated with dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid (DDBSA) and 2 percent glycerin for teat skin conditioning, this product kills the most common mastitis-causing pathogens in 15 seconds.

Available to customers in the U.S., this product can be applied as a foam, dip or spray. The product’s blue color is very obvious when applied as foam, helping to ensure every cow gets wiped clean before milking. PD

—From DeLaval news release