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Exhibitors bring many ‘firsts’ to World Dairy Expo

PD staff Published on 19 September 2012

Progressive Dairyman asked several companies exhibiting at World Dairy Expo to highlight a few of the new products that will be on display at the show.

Heifer genomics guide
With the introduction of its heifer genomics guide, Raleigh-based Dairy Records Management Systems (Booth MC 37, 38) claims to be the first dairy records processing center to offer a DHI report that provides producers who are genomic-testing their herds with a way to evaluate those results.



The report uses genomic data to help producers determine which heifers should become the next generation of milking cows and/or dams. Lists presorted by parent averages suggest which breeding-age heifers to breed, flush and cull, for instance.

Organic footbath additive
Hoof-Tec Footbath Solutions (EH 1306) is launching a product designed specifically for organic dairy farms. This organic additive – to be used in conjunction with copper sulfate in footbaths – is made of a buffered organic acid (citric).

The company claims that it extends the life and enhances the effectiveness of the copper sulfate in a footbath, both reducing copper usage and giving dairymen better results on warts than copper sulfate alone.


Milking claw with 7/8-inch outlet
The H-Factor milking claw from BECO Dairy Automation Inc . (EH 3205-3306) has a patented 7/8-inch outlet that can accept either a 3/4-inch or 7/8-inch hose.


The company claims that the larger outlet will increase the capacity to move milk from the cow to the milk line, resulting in greater vacuum stability, faster and more complete milkout, and improved udder health.

Iodine alternative
Bee-Line pre-dip is a patent-pending germicide that is more cost-effective than iodine. Skin conditioners in the product are reputed to lift dirt and soften teats. Supplier Chem-Star says that more than 53,000 gallons of this product have recently sold in the Midwest. Available at the Ecolab booth (EH 2717, 2718).

Optimize starch utilization
DSM Nutritional Products (EH 3915) now offers Ronozyme RumiStar, which the company says optimizes a cow’s starch utilization by catalyzing the hydrolysis of starch to mono- and oligosaccharides.

The product is a natural enzyme produced by fermentation and is classified as a mono component alph-amylase. It is advertised as being stable and highly active under ruminal conditions and touted as increasing feed (lb ECM/lb DMI) and starch (lb ECM/lb starch intake) efficiencies, as well as improving fiber digestibility.


New liner for low vacuum levels
The Evolution X liner by Conewango Products Corp . (EH 1107) has a patented barrel design that combines thick and thin side walls. The thin inner walls collapse first during milking, causing the barrel to assume an oval shape.


Outer walls resist collapse, permitting air to continue feeding the vacuum chamber during pulsation. The company says this two-stage collapse allows for fast milking at very low vacuum levels, with almost no slip. The liner is twist-resistant with a scalloped skirt extension, locking wedges and double hackle to seal out dirt.

Brushless DC motor for agricultural fans
The Munters Drive is a brushless DC motor designed to reduce energy usage and minimize maintenance for large-diameter agricultural fans. Munters Corporation (EH 5006) says this direct-drive fan offers up to 30 percent energy reduction over traditional AC motors.

The motor can be customized for maximum or minimum airflow. It requires no variable frequency drive or thermal overloads and can be retrofitted to existing Munters/Aerotech fans.

Calf pen drop-in wire backing
Agri-Plastics Mfg. (EH 4305-4307, TC 909-936) is introducing its “Drop-In-Go” wire back pen system – a galvanized rear wire panel that increases ventilation and allows bedding from the rear of the pen.

Gel treats hairy warts
New to the U.S. market from Provita Eurotech Ltd. (EH 1314) is Konquest, a gel for the treatment of hairy warts that combines organic acids and tea-tree oil. The company cites an independently commissioned field study carried out by Canadian hooftrimmer Vic Daniels that showed a 100 percent success rate in reducing the size of hairy warts.

Wireless heat detection
AccuBreed by Estrotect (EH 3504, IL 350) is a wireless heat detection tool that tracks and monitors mounting activity in real-time. When a cow is mounted, a coded transmitter on the cow’s tailhead sends a signal to an antenna installed on the farm, which relays the signal to a base station. The base station stores the date, time and duration of every mounting activity.


Quick test for udder infection
PortaCheck, Inc. (EH 4209, IL 320) is introducing a simple dipstick test called UdderCheck for the presence of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk.

The company says that because the enzyme LDH is closely correlated to somatic cell counts and bacterial damage of udder tissue, it is a good indicator of clinical and subclinical udder infections. The dipstick makes this method of testing, which is used by milking robots, available for quick, cow-side use.

Automated teat dipping and backflushing system
GEA Farm Technologies (EH 2001-2301, EH 4313-4316) is launching the ApolloMilkSystem, which automatically dispenses teat dip within the milking unit just prior to removal. Once removed, a backflush solution is said to neutralize any remaining bacteria in the unit before it is attached to the next cow.

The system employs patent-pending separation technology that includes a safety valve constructed of tough material. The company says that this configuration guarantees milk and teat dip stay apart. The system is intended to replace dip cups. PD