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National Farm Machinery Show: Product review

Published on 11 June 2014

RoGator 700

RoGator 700
(877) 525-4384



Looking to capitalize on a mid-size sprayer? AGCO introduced the RoGator 700, a 700-gallon sprayer with lighter chassis for ease of operation. It features smart drive, an all-wheel drive that ensures equal wheel speed, preventing crop scuffing on turns.

At 19,800 pounds, the RoGator can enter the fields earlier in the spring. A Tier-4 interim model, it boasts fuel economy, using 5 to 7 gallons of fuel per hour.

The flex frame keeps constant wheel-to-ground contact even on uneven surfaces. The booms hosts poly plumbing for 4-pound to 50-pound application rates. Boom height minimum is 18 inches.

computerized crop-planning tool

Steyer Seeds
(800) 231-4274


In the world of precision ag, Steyer Seeds wants you to have confidence in your seed sales rep. So they’re not selling you anything additional; they’re just adding a new service. They’re offering ACRES, a computerized crop-planning tool.

With your input (crop history, management practices, etc., which they’ll help you set up) they’ll pull up your fields on a mapping system and calculate a dozen different inputs, then spit out a list of six recommended seed varieties for your exact needs – your exact field.

For anyone intimidated by technology use, they’ll make it simple for you, and you can weigh your sales rep’s recommendation against the computer calculations to make sure you’re receiving the most accurate information possible in seed selection.

EC Surveyor 3150

EC Surveyor 3150
Veris Technologies
(758) 825-1978

Many field-mapping technologies still use the USDA soil survey of the ’70s in formulations. A lot has changed since then, and the EC Surveyor 3150 is a soil-sensing unit that takes a reading every 30 seconds at depths of 12 and 36 inches as it is pulled through the field, accurately gauging organic matter, soil textures (through electrical conductivity) and pH to create precision field mapping.


This makes fertilizer and water input calculations more accurate, increasing farm efficiency and productivity like never before. Co-ops, fertilizer companies and farmers’ groups are buying these for their members to use because it only has to be used once per field and provides more accurate data than the decades-old USDA soil survey maps.

Darf 513 Heartlander overhead rake

Darf 513 Heartlander overhead rake
Nikkel Iron Works
(559) 999-1014

Nikkel Iron Works, manufacturer of the DARF hay rake, introduces the 513 “Heartlander” Overhead Rake. The “Heartlander,” which incorporates many features of the DARF 1017, was designed for hay, grass and alfalfa raking for the owner-operator.

The new model delivers easy adjustment for smooth operation and the patent-pending tow bar design provides stability. The unit opens to a 20 foot raking width, producing 4 foot windrows. PD