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New Products: DeWolf & Associates upgrade Electric Hoof Knife

Published on 23 May 2014

 Electric Hoof Knife

DeWolf & Associates upgrade Electric Hoof Knife
The Merlin Hoof Trimming Tool has been re-branded the Electric Hoof Knife and has undergone a redesign to make it more durable and effective for use in the hoof care industry.



The new model’s upgrades are the direct result of Allen DeWolf, president of DeWolf & Associates LLC, listening to eight years of customer suggestions and feedback.

Internally, the new knife utilizes spiral-bevel gears that are stronger, operate more quietly and efficiently, and produce less vibration than its predecessor. Through the addition of a powerful, high-capacity fan and extra air vents on both the neck and bottom, the new model stays cooler so it can run for longer periods of time.

It runs off of a fixed-speed motor that rotates at 13,000 RPMs, which has been determined the optimal speed for hoof trimming. The updated circuit board and electrical components are made from eco-friendly materials and are RoHS-compliant.

On the outside, the knife now comes with a one-piece cast aluminum safety guard, created to be more durable and to better protect the operator from flying debris.

A newly designed switch guard significantly reduces accidental starting of the tool, and more resilient materials make the knife less susceptible to damage. The new lightweight exterior and grittier texture provide comfort and control, so users can trim longer with less hand and wrist fatigue.


With improved efficiency in mind, the Electric Hoof Knife’s internal and external updates combine to deliver a superior trimming experience. Inspired by those who use it, the new tool’s features will make trimming easier and quicker for anyone who trims hooves.

The complete dairy hoof trimming set comes with the Hoof Boss trimming disc, which significantly reduces hand, wrist and arm strain and can be easily sharpened with the diamond-coated chainsaw file. PD

—From DeWolf & Associates, LLC