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New Products for December 27

PD Staff Published on 27 December 2011

Here are some of the new products or updates to previous products that have been announced as of December 27, 2011. Return to this section of the Progressive Dairyman website periodically to find out what new products will be impacting the dairy industry.




New supplement for newborn calves introduced
Van Beek Natural Science introduces Tri-Pectate Capsules, a feed supplement that protects newborn calves from stress-induced scours with its unique mode of action.

These capsules are formulated with Axaphen, a patented combination of essential oils and enhancers. Axaphen has powerful antimicrobial properties that eliminate bacteria on contact.

Pectin is dietary fiber in Tri-Pectate that swells up to hold fluid and normalizes gut flow. It also helps remove toxins while coating the intestinal wall, thus proactively working against GI problems before they start.

—From Van Beek Natural Science news release

New Kuhn Knight RC 200 Series
Kuhn North America, Inc. , of Brodhead, Wisconsin, recently introduced the fully-redesigned RC 200 Series Reel Commercial mixers. For dairy and beef producers mixing rations with high percentages of roughages or distillers grain, this new design gives them the ability to efficiently handle a wide range of materials.


The all-new, open-concept helix reel option provides faster, more consistent mixing and improved load leveling with any ration.

The heavy-duty drive option offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and gives producers the ability to mix the heaviest feedstuffs. With truck, trailer and stationary models, and mixing capacities of 500 to 950 cubic feet, there’s a machine to fit every feeding situation.

—From Kuhn North America news release


Trioliet introduces new mixer
Trioliet Mullos B.V. recently introduced its newest vertical feed mixer to the market. The Trioliet Solomix 3, 5200 ZK Tr is a 1,850-cubic foot, three-auger mixer.

Equipped with four side-discharge doors and a rear premix door, this mixer is capable of mixing dairy rations over 50,000 pounds.


The mixer is mounted on a heavy-duty Tridem with front and rear axle forced steering to minimize the turning radius and tire wear.

The patented Trioliet Shifttronic three-speed automatic gearbox allows for a low horsepower requirement, easy start-up without excessive wear to the tractor’s PTO clutch, rapid discharge and a consistent feedline.

—From Trioliet news release

Dur-A-Flex to debut new floor system and product certification program
Dur-A-Flex, Inc. will exhibit at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, January 24-27, 2012. Making their debut at the show will be Dur-A-Flex’s Armor-Stat ESD floor system and a product certification program aimed at new and existing Dur-A-Flex contractors.

Armor-Stat ESD combines the wear characteristics of urethane and the protection of a static dissipative floor.

Sharing the spotlight with Armor-Stat ESD is Dur-A-Flex’s Applicator Certification Program, a training seminar designed to help contractors develop their application expertise, improve installation efficiencies, reduce re-work and increase their project opportunities.


—From Dur-A-Flex news release

New calf fever-reducer introduced
Aurora Pharmaceutical is proud to introduce ORAL-PRO Sodium Salicylate 48.6 percent, now labeled for calves over two weeks old for aiding in the reduction of pyrexia (fever).

Administer four milliliters per 100 pounds of bodyweight to calves once a day for one to three days. Administer orally in drinking water or milk (replacer). Zero-day withdrawal period for meat and offal from calves.

Do not use this product on cows producing milk for human consumption.

—From Aurora Pharmaceutical news release.


New multipurpose forks for John Deere series loaders
Worksaver, Inc. has expanded its line of manure/silage/debris forks with new models designed to fit John Deere 200/300/400/500 series loaders. These manure/silage/debris forks pick up manure, matted straw and other loose materials for easy clean-up.

All units feature forged cranked tines for increased performance while select units offer an upper grapple for securing large loads. A range of widths from 50-inch to 72-inch is available, dependent upon the model. PD

—From Worksaver, Inc. news release