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McLanahan has recently introduced roll press technology to its line of rotary liquid-solid separation equipment.

The roll press will complement the operation of rotary separators by offering dairy producers an alternative to screw press technology for dewatering manure solids.

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Rite in the Rain, all-weather writing paper, has released a new line of record books specifically for the dairy industry.

These treatment books help producers comply with FDA record keeping requirements and avoid regulatory action in case of an accidental residue violation.

New items include #1636 Dairy Treatment Record book and #1637 Calf Treatment Record book.

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Electronically monitoring cows for heat detection can reduce labor, increase pregnancy rates, decrease days open and limit the need for hormone treatments.

With the new CowScout system from GEA Farm Technologies, dairy producers can benefit from electronic activity monitors and receive more accurate breeding information, no matter where they are, via internet, smart phone or text messaging.

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041312_warmfrontLand O’Lakes Animal Milk Products introduces Cow’s Match WarmFront calf milk replacer, formulated with a unique combination of carbohydrates correctly balanced for when temperatures moderate.

In warm weather conditions, calves’ energy requirements for maintenance are reduced.

Transitioning to WarmFront calf milk replacer results in greater feed efficiency and bottom line potential. Cow’s Match WarmFront calf milk replacer also provides the most optimal protein-to-energy ratio milk replacer when cold stress is no longer a factor.

Cow’s Match WarmFront and ColdFront calf milk replacer formulas represent a new way to approach calf nutrition.

“With the introduction of WarmFront calf milk replacer, dairy producers can now offer a full potential milk replacer program formulated for the calf’s environment,” says Dr. Tom Earleywine, technical services director for Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products.

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Perfect Udder is a unique, patented system developed by a veterinarian to improve the sanitation of colostrum feeding and reduce the risk of infection and sickness in calves.

A Perfect Udder package includes pouches of APC's Lifeline Calf Nutritional Colostrum Supplement or Acquire Colostrum Replacer formulations, plus nipples or feeders that screw onto the threaded opening of the pouch.

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041312_stratagenSelect Sires, Inc., announced the debut of StrataGEN, a unique, sequential breeding system that offers optimal use of genomic insights to help dairy producers achieve individual breeding goals while also minimizing inbreeding.

StrataGEN uses genomic insights to categorize both daughter-proven sires and young sires into one of five unique genetic lines, based on common traits they’ve inherited from their ancestors, as confirmed by individual genomic testing.

Each line is identified with a single color – orange, blue, green, yellow or red, for easy understanding and implementation into any dairy breeding program.

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