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In March, at a dealer meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, Ag-Bag introduced the MX1012 commercial silage bagger. Each attendee had the opportunity to climb aboard the machine and speak with the design and marketing team about the MX1012’s features.

Taylor Weisensel, national sales manager for Ag-Bag, said, “There is a segment of the market, in the 150- to 750-head dairy operations, where we had a product line gap.

Today, we are fully meeting the silage bagging needs of all sizes of dairy operations with the launch of the MX1012 commercial silage bagger.”

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032612_kubota_rtv400ci_1Kubota introduces the new gas-powered RTV400Ci utility vehicle that features the agility and reliability of a mid-sized utility vehicle, but is compact enough to fit in the bed of a full-size, long-bed pickup truck.

At 54.7 inches wide and 72 inches tall, the new four-wheel drive RTV400Ci gets the job done with its fuel-injected six horsepower, air-cooled, single-cylinder gas engine.

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JCB, the world’s largest privately-owned construction equipment manufacturer, is building upon the success of its New Generation skid steer and compact track loader line with the addition of eight new small platform machines.

The eight new machines – the 135, 155, 175, 190 and 205 skid steers and the 150T, 190T and 205T compact track loaders – complement JCB’s nine large platform New Generation models launched in November 2010.

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BioTracking LLC continues to improve its industry leading pregnancy detection technology for use in ruminant animals. Advances by BioTracking researchers have allowed the company to update the BioPRYN blood pregnancy test to determine the pregnancy status of livestock as early as 73 days post-calving, reducing the wait time for pregnancy diagnosis post-calving by 17 days.When applied at 28 days or more post-breeding and 73 days post-calving, the new test is more than 99 percent accurate when an animal is determined to be open.

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032612_itw_legband_1ITW Agricultural Solutions announces a new product with the potential to revolutionize the way dairy cattle are identified in North America.

The ITW DairyCUFF, a radio frequency ID (RFID) device, is labor efficient – allowing for reading from the back end of the cow where all work is performed – and the only method of ID that is animal friendly.

Traditional ID tags, attached to the ear of the cattle, require a puncture wound to the animal, leaving her open to infection. In addition, ear tags are not visually strategic from the perspective of where most of the work on the cow is done.

The maximum range for reading an RFID chip is only 24 inches. So with an operator working at the rear of a cow, ear tags are not visible by eye nor can they be read by a hand-held reader.

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Bio-Vet, Inc., has reformulated its FermenAider silage inoculants to improve their versatility and value. Bio-Vet silage inoculants now offer three convenient application rates to provide enhanced value under various conditions:

• 100,000 CFU (colony forming units) per gram of forage for ideal ensiling conditions
• 200,000 CFU per gram for normal conditions
• 400,000 CFU per gram for difficult conditions

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