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The Calf-Tel XXL provides the most interior usable space for calves. This hutch is 49 percent larger than the existing Pro & Deluxe II hutches from Hampel and 21 percent larger than other XL hutches on the market, meaning six more square feet on the interior of the hutch for calves.

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0512pd_np_delaval_1DeLaval strives to offer dairy producers effective, fast-acting teat dips to help them protect the milk quality and udder health of their herd.

With the launch of DeLaval Opti Blue – a pre-milk teat dip – customers can be sure that even heavily soiled teats are clean before milking.

Lab and customer tested, this pre-dip can help farmers cost-effectively fight mastitis.

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Fit most loaders with one of the four new models of universal manure/silage/debris forks available from Worksaver, Inc.

Units accept bolt-on interfacing brackets to mate with most pin-on or quick-attach loaders. Pre-cut slots in the back plate allow for easy installation of the bolt-on interfacing brackets.

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0512pd_np_jamesway_1Jamesway Farm Equipment introduced a radical new design of Lagoon Pump.

The patented Pumpeller hybrid turbine takes much less time and fuel to agitate the toughest lagoons without the need for a gearbox.

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0512pd_np_advanced_1Advanced Instruments, Inc., recently introduced the Delta Instruments CombiScope FTIR 600 – the fastest and most accurate dairy analyzer on the market today for analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk.

The system consists of two high-throughput analyzers – the LactoScope FTIR 600 for measuring chemical composition and the SomaScope LFC 600 for counting somatic cells in raw milk, both at speeds of 600 samples per hour.

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Select Sires Canada is pleased to announce that 4XLA antiseptic teat dip has received a notice of compliance for use of the product as both a pre-milking and post-milking teat dip.

4XLA antiseptic teat dip, a product of Ecolab Co., is the only non-iodine formula approved as a pre-milking teat dip in Canada.

Other approved pre-milking teat dips are iodine-based, which can raise concerns about potential iodine residues in milk.

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