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DeLaval announced that its innovative herd management solution, the Herd Navigator system will go on sale together with the DeLaval voluntary milking system (VMS) – a unique and integrated Smart Farming release for the dairy industry that will give milk producers a whole new level of control over their operations. Herd Navigator is a revolutionary new concept developed and launched in a close and unique enterprise between the partners Dansk Kvaeg, DeLaval and FOSS.

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20100610_fluidigm_arrayFluidigm Corporation announced it has developed the world’s first reusable bio-chip architecture for the commercial market. These reusable integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) will dramatically lower SNP genotyping costs and are designed to support accelerated sample throughput, while maintaining data quality of 99.75 percent or greater accuracy and 99 percent or greater call rates.

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From the inventors of the Original Shur-Lok roll tarp system, Shur-Co. introduces its Cable-Lok Spool Roll Tarp system. The cable locking system is the smoothest move in tarping – from open to closed, simply and easily. Spring-loaded tension with cable attachment keeps the tarp tight, even in moderate wind conditions. This system is available in lengths up to 24 feet long and is intended for use on grain carts, grain wagons, farm bodies, fertilizer tenders and spreaders.

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Heavy equipment manufacturer JCB is launching the most compact and maneuverable telescopic handler model the company has produced to date. This machine, the new JCB 515-40, is the result of an innovative design that keeps the machine's overall height under six feet, making it perfect for use in more confined areas.

Small but mighty, itis just 5’ 11” tall, 5’ 2” wide and 9’ 6” long and weighs 7,672 pounds. To achieve the lowest possible overall height, this company challenged conventional design concepts and developed the telehandler with an all-new, innovative, off-set single-spine main frame. As a result, the machine boasts a full-size cab with both easy accessibility and plenty of space for the operator. The new design enables the machine to break through a barrier that previously prevented many compact telescopic handlers from use in smaller workspaces.

With a turning radius of just nine feet and very compact dimensions, this machine can maneuver in even the smallest work environments. Equipped with 4-wheel steering, 4-wheel drive, a hydrostatic transmission and exceptional ground clearance, the machine can easily traverse the challenging outdoor conditions often found at a landscaping job site or on the farm. Its 4-wheel drive system and hydrostatic transmission are designed to get the most power to each wheel. This is achieved by mounting the four drive motors in the axle hub, ensuring the power is exactly where the operator needs it. The drive train design ensures that this machine is at home on the yard or running off-road in wet conditions.

Powered by a 50 hp engine, this machine can carry a hefty payload of 3,300 pounds up to a maximum lift height of 13’ 2”. This combination of features allows it to maximize storage space inside small buildings, enables it to load a truck from one side and even grants it access to the inside of a standard container to load it from one end.

While this telehandler may be small in stature, its unique, compact design does not skimp on operator comfort or safety. The machine boasts a full-size canopy or an optional cab. When outfitted with a cab, this telehandler also offers optional air conditioning and a deluxe suspension seat. Low noise level and both ROPS and FOPS protection provide additional health and safety benefits. Access to the cab is made easy by a low-level step and flat cab floor, ensuring easy entry and exit for the driver.

For more information about JCB equipment for the construction, agriculture, industrial and waste/recycling markets, call JCB’s North American Headquarters in Savannah at (912) 447-2000 or visit PD

—From JCB news release

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition (MSGAN) is pleased to announce that Advance Arrest non-medicated energy supplement is now available with ProVance Microbials. The new unique natural formula provides rapidly available energy, essential electrolytes and fluids, plus fast-acting microorganisms to help overcome upset and unbalanced digestive tracts and enhance an animal’s immune system.

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Provimi North America is very pleased to introduce Nurture calf formula, a new line of milk replacer products. This formula was developed with the calf raiser in mind and is a product that fosters the growth and development of baby calves.

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