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World Dairy Expo new products: Herd health

Published on 30 September 2015
blood ketone analyzer

Nova Vet introduces handheld blood ketone analyzer
Nova Vet is a handheld field analyzer used for fast, 10-second blood ketone (beta-hydroxybutyrate) monitoring for clinical ketosis in early lactation dairy cattle.

Blood ketone testing offers better sensitivity and specificity for ketosis than urine or milk testing and is the gold standard for detecting subclinical ketosis in dairy cattle.



The product uses a disposable biosensor, with no calibration required, for a simple testing procedure that can be used in the field. The company’s ketone testing is more cost-effective than laboratory testing, eliminating the need for sample preparation and shipping of frozen materials.

SCR Dairy releases new real-time ‘Group Routine’ and ‘Group Consistency’ applications
SCR Dairy is pleased to announce the release of two new applications to enhance dairy herd performance through the real-time analysis of group routine and group consistency.

The real-time “Group Routine” alerts of something unusual in the group level routine.

The report highlights real-time irregularities in activity and rumination at the group or herd level that may indicate a problem with routine issues like feed and water supply issues, spreading illnesses, group panic or stress or other disruptions to a stable daily routine that fosters good cow health and production.

“Group Consistency” detects and monitors long-term changes within the group operation, such as feed changes, stocking changes and other disorders.


The software monitors and analyzes long-term rumination trends and highlights any irregularities at the group level, such as feeding regime consistency and stability of the group. It enables early detection of a problem and provides a perfect tool for recovery monitoring.

ABS introduces TransitionRight genetics
ABS’s introduction of TransitionRight offers a genetic solution to proactively help prevent transition health problems in dairy herds by making your cows more genetically predisposed to reduce disorders such as mastitis, metritis and ketosis.

Prevention through genetics hasn’t been available to help reduce multiple post-calving disorders – until now. With 75 percent of disease in dairy cows occurring in the first 30 days in milk, transition cow disorders take a major toll on your dairy operation and bottom line.

In a year, it is not uncommon to lose up to 10 percent of a herd due to transition cow problems. ABS is the first and only company to offer a genetic solution to help prevent multiple post-calving disorders that occur during transition.  PD