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World Dairy Expo new products: Manure handling

Published on 30 September 2015

McLanahan introduces new sand lane clean-up system
Producers who utilize sand lanes often spend time and energy turning and moving sand piles to reduce drying times and sand inventory.

McLanahan’s new Sand Lane Clean-Up System addresses these issues, saving producers money by minimizing sand management; producing a cleaner, dryer sand; and reducing sand inventory up to 75 percent.



A front-loader is all that is needed to feed material from the sand lane into the system, which consists of mining-duty equipment, including a hopper, inclined manure auger and dewatering screen.

With minimal effort, sand can be scooped from a sand lane and dumped directly into the system, which removes more than 50 percent of the water, resulting in a dryer, cleaner sand product. The system requires very little operator interaction.

Dryhill Mfg. introduces Frac Tank
Dryhill Mfg., based out of Lykens, Pennsylvania, has unveiled the Frac Tank with its line of manure-handling equipment. The new product is a 20,000-gallon portable manure reservoir, providing an effective way to apply manure when distance is an issue.

It works as a holding tank on the side of the field, allowing the applicator to use cost-effective tanker trucks to move significant volumes of manure from the farm that produces the manure to the cropland.

Unloading the manure into the new product, rather than going on the field, reduces soil compaction. The company will build the new product to meet any custom size and specification.


DVO’s phosphorus recovery system offers groundbreaking performance
Agricultural and commercial/industrial wastes can contribute excess phosphorus to our environment.

By treating these wastes first in DVO’s patented anaerobic digester, and then employing its new phosphorus recovery system, these valuable minerals can be conserved economically and effectively as well as help protect our natural resources.

The company’s phosphorus recovery system was successfully commissioned at a large dairy farm in the Northwest, as well as two other locations. The majority of the farms’ phosphorus (75 to 95 percent) now resides in a condensed, solid fertilizer product.

Benefits of the combined anaerobic digester plus phosphorus recovery are as follows: Phosphorus and other nutrients (including valuable micronutrients) are condensed into a stackable, transportable and marketable solid fertilizer product, and the environmental “pollution potential” of the liquid waste stream is dramatically reduced.

The system allows a more cost-effective and efficient nutrient management plan and reduces nutrient loading and odor. Plant-available nutrients enable application to growing crops.  PD