This Week In Dairy

  • CEO Corner: Siri, Alexa meet Ida – the AI dairy farmer

    Editor’s note: The CEO Corner contains editors’ compilations of business insights and analysis of current news, which they have tailored for the dairy industry. This column inspires million-dollar dairy operations to think like CEOs in other industries do.

    What if you could ask your smartphone to tell you which of your cows were lame? Or which cows were most likely to get sick in the next day or two? Or whether a switch from feeding last year’s silage to this year’s crop has impacted milk production? If you think that’s beyond the capabilities of Siri or Alexa, a Dutch-based company wants you to meet Ida.

  • Class I pricing changes part of NMPF policy priorities; Canada dairy remains target in NAFTA objectives

    The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) board endorsed a proposal to change how federal milk marketing order (FMMO) Class I base prices are calculated. The proposal will be one element of a larger package of risk management improvements that NMPF will ask Congress to approve as the House and Senate agriculture committees begin to formulate the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Cool stuff we saw at World Dairy Expo 2017

    It’s become a tradition for the Progressive Dairyman team to scope out new products, ideas and innovations to share with readers following World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. The 2017 show, with a theme of “Discovering New Dairy Worlds,” had plenty to offer.

  • EPA manure emission reporting: Now what?

    Editor’s note: The following article is based on information as of Nov. 16.Progressive Dairyman will provide updates as they become available.

  • How did your dairy co-op rank in 2016 revenue?

    Lower dairy product prices resulted in lower revenue for most dairy cooperatives in 2016, according to an annual report from the National Cooperative Bank. With the revenue decline, fewer dairy co-ops were listed among the nation's 100 largest cooperatives.

  • Milk production growth continues

    October 2017 U.S. milk production grew 1.4 percent compared with the same month a year earlier, picking up the pace after slowing somewhat in September, according to the USDA’s latest Milk Production report.

  • October Dairy Economic Update: What you did last summer

    We’re into the fourth quarter of 2017. Looking back to late summer, August might have provided the high point for prices and margins.

  • U.S. leaders eye dairy export goal as August posts gains

    With increasing U.S. milk production outpacing growth in domestic consumption, the global market will become more important as an outlet for U.S. sales. U.S. dairy marketing leaders outlined efforts to boost U.S. dairy product exports during a press conference at World Dairy Expo, Oct. 4, in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Weekly Digest: ‘Flexitarians’ impacting milk consumption

    Digest Highlights: ‘Flexitarians’ are impacting fluid milk consumption. I-9 Form scam alert issued. Additional salmonella Heidelberg cases linked to contact with dairy bull calves. ACA enrollment deadline is Dec. 15. Find a summary of these and other news here.

  • What’s new with the IRS for 2017?

    It’s that time of the year to start thinking about taxes for 2017. So what’s new for 2017? The short answer is: nothing much – still waiting. However, I’m sure you have heard about President Trump’s proposed tax reform. What are these changes? This article will discuss some of President Trump’s proposed changes and how they affect you.