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0709PD: Breeders’ circle

Published on 24 April 2009

World Wide Sires 2009
With the release of the April 2009 genetic evaluations, World Wide Sires adds 15 new Holstein bulls to our line-up, sired by 10 different sire fathers.

These new graduates include five sons of the popular sire father 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET.

These 15 additions to the WWS line-up include: Elite TPI sires – two above +1900; big-time milk – two sires above +2100 PTAM; high-type – No. 3 Type sire in the breed at +3.97; elite udder composites – four bulls from +2.26 to +3.16 UDC; strong FLC – two bulls above +3.00 FLC; calving ease specialists – six sires offer 5% calving ease.



—From World Wide Sires news release

Superb gains at IPS
With the April 2009 sire summaries, International Protein Sires’ (IPS) proven sire lineup realized superb gains.

New offerings include, No-Fla Loiss LEGEND with +1770 GTPI. Classified Excellent, Legend is a solid type bull across the board, including a +2.39 foot and leg composite rating. Legend is +512NM$ with exceptional components – +.21% fat and +.02% protein. And the bull offers great fitness traits at +2.9 productive life and 2.53 SCS along with 5% calving ease. Sired by Mtoto, this breed leader descends from a Very Good-87 Aerostar daughter while his grandam is an excellent daughter of Fancy Paul.

IPS continues to bolster their genetic offering for the red enthusiast with the introduction of 6HO985 Tony-Red. Ranked #4 red sire on the Holstein Association’s Top 50 Red/Red Carrier Sire list, Tony debuts at +1640 TPI.

—From IPS news release


Semex’s balanced breeding gives dairymen options
The April 2009 proof release placed the stamp of approval on reliable second-crop Semex sires such as 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye and 0200HO03218 Gillette Brilea FBI, while ushering in sires designed to meet the needs of dairymen everywhere. Entering the Semex lineup are sires designed to positively impact bottom lines such as 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight, sires that meet the needs of Red & White clients, and newly proven sires for those looking for the best proven sons of Semex greats Talent and Titanic.

Buckeye daughters are known for their calving ease, high production, ideal feet & legs and exceptional rear udders, making him one of the most popular BW Marshall sons available today. The April proof round echoed the same comments dairymen have been making since his release in 2005, and has solidified his place as a second- crop success. Buckeye’s credentials put him in elite ranks for those looking to up their profitability, with +1914M, over 2.52 PTAT, +2.48 for both FLC and UDC, and +2.10 PL and a 6% calving ease. Buckeye’s proof has only increased since his initial release, gaining over 140 TPI points overall and adding over 2500 daughters since January 2009.

—From Semex news release

Select Sires, the home of O MAN, adds three more sons
Upon release of the April 2009 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates six new Holstein sires into active-A.I. The improved lineup includes three new sons of the popular sire father 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET.

Select Sires graduated O MAN’s first sons in January and now adds to the selection with three more. 7HO8659 Glen-D-Haven Oman SILVA-ET hails from a cow family known for high protein production with strong front ends and sound feet and legs. A Superior Settler, Silva spells milk production at +2,141 milk. And at 5% calving ease, he is an excellent option for the heifer pens.

7HO8625 Mr Schultz Oman BUTCH-ET also continues the legacy of elite Calving Ease at 5%. Backed by two generations of dams with more than 30,000 pounds of milk and 4 percent fat, Butch improves the bottom line at +$600 NM$ with elite components (.09%F and +.11%P). With +60P, Butch stands among Select’s finest and even tops his sire. Not surprising from an O MAN son, Butch also transmits longevity as a Herdlife Builder with +3.3 PL. At +1908 TPI, Butch makes trouble-free cattle with moderate frames and excellent feet and legs (+3.08 FLC).


—From Select Sires news release

Simply better
The gains made by Alta Genetics sires are indeed impressive: 22 of its top 25 ranked sires made advances on TPI score, including 14 of the top 15 sires. Sire after sire, the addition of nearly nine months of new daughter information supported their marketability.

In January, the U.S. industry released genomic predicted transmitting abilities (GPTAs) for the first time. Even then, it was Alta’s contention that several of the new releases had room for improvement, as real Advantage data predicted gains for several sires by April. Most notably, those gains were expected for AltaOTTO, AltaMAXLIFE and AltaOUTBOUND. In each case, those gains have materialized with the April update. In fact, for AltaOTTO (Oman x Mtoto) the gains were significant enough to propel him to a top-5 finish for TPI.

—From Alta Genetics news release

Reality-Red still No. 1
The April 2009 proofs have come and Excalibur Sires continue to impress everyone with their incredible line-up of bulls. Not only did they add seven new bulls, they also saw their No. 1 bull keep his top spot.

Reality-Red is still the “Reigning King of Red” after seeing many more daughters added to his proof. Hurtgen-Vue Reality-Red VG-88 increased the number of his daughters by 71% and still topped as the No. 1 R&W bull in the world. His +1865 TPI is the cherry on top of a stellar proof. This perfect cross for Advent, Shottle, and Spirte was +78 (0.29%) Fat, +17 (0.05%) Protein, +455 NM$, +3.0 PL with a 91% reliability. Reality-Red also had bragging rights being +2.64 PTAT and +3.58 FLC.

—From Excalibur Sires news release

Historic success for PACE young sire program
The Accelerated Genetics PACE young sire program has enjoyed much success from the time it began. Many breed leaders – 014HO02090 Manfred, 014HO01114 Roebuck, 014HO03597 Potter, 014HO02736 Ito, 014HO03831 Marion – have proven their superiority through this system. However, the results received in April with the new sire summary truly hail a landmark occasion for Accelerated Genetics. The PACE program now boasts five graduates among the Top 12 TPI bulls in the Holstein breed.

Four of these bulls carry on the legacy of 014HO02090 Ha-Ho Cubby Manfred-ET. They are 014HO04876 Paxton, 014HO04916 Jake, 014HO04924 Kramer and 014HO04956 Dotson. Manfred has long been respected for his ability to sire long-lasting, durable, and trouble-free cows. He is one of the pioneers of the health trait revolution. In May 2003, an early Manfred son, O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET, commonly known as O Man, burst onto the genetic scene specializing in health traits and elite components. He, along with 014HO03597 Keystone Potter, his paternal brother, ushered in a group of bulls that were bred for improved health traits along with type, just at the time when producers became more interested in Productive Life (PL), Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Daughter Pregnancy Rating (DPR).

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

Semex has ideal mates
Jersey breeders have demanded a high JPI Legion son with type, components and health traits. 0200JE00944 Maackdary Region comes in at +2.6 PTAT, +2.3 RUH and +1.5 RUW. He is a bull Jersey breeders will consider in their mating programs. Region shows balance with a +1.7 Strength and +1.6 Dairy Form. Behind Legion is an EX-91% Lemvig followed by a Bluemarker that goes back to Bettydon Lester Ritzy. Legion’s daughters are long-bodied, flat-boned cows with depth of rib. They are hard over the top line and very correct in the rear ends. The udder is well attached in every facet, making him an ideal mating on Jace daughters, as well as the Duncan Belle and Maid bloodlines.

0200JE00943 Wilsonview Shurbondy is a Jace son out of a Bold Daniel with longevity and milk, breaking into the top 50 on the JPI list on his first proof. Shurbondy delivers high milk at over 1200 pounds, a combined fat and protein of just shy of 100 pounds and +1.4 PTAT. Shurbondy is an udder improver with great udder quality, walking on sound feet & legs that track straight. His daughters are head-turning and trouble-free. PD

—From Semex news release