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Published on 27 April 2010

Select Sires graduates eight high-ranking Holsteins

Select Sires graduates eight Holsteins that offer diverse pedigrees with six different sires among them. These new graduates excel through high-ranking Total Performance Index, elite type, tremendous health traits, and exceptional production to Select’s lineup.

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7HO9173 Bomaz Potter PLATO-ET debuts as a leading Keystone Potter son for GTPI at +2059. Marked with the newest Select Sires designation, DIAMOND SELECTion, PLATO has the unique ability to combine production, type and fitness traits. This Herdlife Builder produces daughters that will last (+6.1 Productive Life, PL), milk volumes (+1,113 Milk) and improve the bottom line with his elite Net Merit dollar value (+$585 NM). PLATO produces moderate-sized cows with excellent udders (+2.20 Udder Composite, UDC) and ideal feet and legs (+2.49 Feet and Leg Composite, FLC).

DIAMOND SELECTion sire 7HO9176 Langs-Twin-B MINISTER-ET is a Shottle son that ranks among the top 25 Holstein sires for GTPI (+1978). This outstanding pedigreed sire carries an extended list of designations and can fit into nearly any breeding program. MINISTER transmits solid Net Merit value (+$512) and favorable component yields (+.05%P and .09%F). As a Herdlife Builder and HealthMark sire, he transmits traits that improve longevity, overall health and fertility (+4.7 PL, +0.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, DPR and 2.78 Somatic Cell Score, SCS). MINISTER qualifies as a Superior Settler for his high-quality semen and is an ideal solution for the upcoming summer heat stress. Hailing from the same family line as O MAN, he follows suit with superior calving ease (6% CE).

From Select Sires news release

Genex Jerseys provide more profit power

The April sire summary provided Jersey producers with four new and unique, elite sire choices – 1JE00655 ARTISTIC, 1JE00741 SENECA, 1JE00726 JAVELIN and 1JE00639 SUN VALLEY.

ARTISTIC, an Artist x Bahre x Mor, makes his debut with an excellent Lifetime Cheese Merit (CM) ranking of +$467. Cheese production capabilities are supported by his positive component percentages (+0.05% Protein and +0.16% Fat), while quality production stems from a low Somatic Cell Score (+2.85). Adding to ARTISTIC’s genetic repertoire is longevity in the form of a +3.9 Productive Life.


SENECA (Abe x Artist x John) is out of Heartland Artist Salina EX-91%. SENECA earned his spot in the active lineup as his +$464 CM and +146 JPI offers producers plenty of profit potential. Long-lasting daughters are another benefit of this top-notch sire (+4.8 Productive Life).

JAVELIN’s proof emphasizes improved conformation, udders and health traits in an impressive package. He stands at +1.3 PTA Type and +2.95 JUI. Daughters are highly fertile (+1.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) and last over 138 days longer than daughters of the average Jersey sire.

Producers choosing to breed for more of those valuable, profit-packed Jersey heifer calves should consider SUN VALLEY. This Impuls x EX-94% Fair son is available in GenChoice 90™ for 90 percent heifer calves as well as conventional semen. SUN VALLEY now has over 40 milking daughters and ranks in the industry’s top 10 for JPI at +155. His dairy and deep-chested daughters are good milk producers (+1524 PTA Milk) with high rear udder attachments.

From Genex/CRI news release

Semex releases world’s first proven Goldwyn son

The worldwide Goldwyn phenomenon continues with the release of Goldwyn’s first proven son, Designer Series sire 0200HO03491 Ladys-Manor Aurora. Aurora arrives at a time when the demand for all things Goldwyn only equals his growing list of accomplishments. This includes recently being named the 2009 Worldwide Premier Sire by Holstein International, and dominating the 2009 All-American and All-Canadian contests. In the April 2010 genetic evaluation, Goldwyn still ranks near the top for TPI at #8 overall with a +2115 GTPI, and remains Canada’s #1 second- crop sire, ranking #4 overall at +2581 GLPI.

Aurora’s maternal line adds just as much interest, being extremely deep and powerful. His dam is a VG-85-2YR-USA Champion from a VG-89-3YR-USA GMD DOM 2* Aaron, then eight more generations of VG or EX dams, each with tremendous production records. Eagerly anticipated by breeders worldwide, Aurora’s initial Canadian information does not disappoint. Like father, like son, Aurora excels for Herd Life, Conformation and Somatic Cell Scores. His solid conformation scores, +102 Herd Life and low 2.68 Somatic Cell Scores will make him instantly popular around the world.


In the USA, where Goldwyn still dominates the top 10 High Ranking Sire Report at +3.33 PTAT, Aurora debuts with +2.47 PTAT, +1.60 UDC, +1.21 FLC and an overall +1672 GTPI. These type figures are supported by positive fat and protein deviations and low 2.73 SCS.

Additionally, breeders can capitalize on his high fertility Repromax status and his designation as a profitable HealthSmart sire. Worldwide, the demand for this sire has been tremendous even before his release, and is expected to remain constant through August when Semex will release several more early progeny proven Goldwyn sons.

From Semex news release

Accelerated Genetics graduates Shottle and Goldwyn sons

Accelerated Genetics released two Shottle sons and a Goldwyn son, all of which will catch producers’ attention.

014HO04929 Long-Langs OMan-O-Man-ET continues his lead of Accelerated Genetics’ powerful lineup for Net Merit at +609 NM$. His Total Performance Index at +2140 makes him #4 on Holstein’s Top 100 TPI list. Man-O-Man continues to be superior in components, being the only proven sire with over +70 fat and +70 protein. 014HO04924 Bomaz Oman Kramer 561-ET improved his type to +1.47 PTAT and is the second-highest sire at Accelerated Genetics for TPI with +1953 and NM$ +503.

Other sires like 014HO04876 All-Riehl Paxton-ET (+1926 TPI), 014HO04916 Lot-O-Rok Oman Jake-ET (+1904 TPI), 014HO04956 Tomlu Oman Dotson-ET (+1883 TPI), 014HO04878 Bomaz Kalahari 544-ET (+1878 TPI), and 014HO05016 H-R-S Tredway Wilk-ET (+1871 TPI) remain high on the Top 100 TPI list.

New to Accelerated Genetics’ Holstein lineup are PACE graduates 014HO05300 End-Road Shottle Micah-ET, 014HO05411 Glenn-Ann Palermo-ET, 014HO05360 S&E Shottle Pilot-ET, 014HO05204 Wargo-Acres Genteel-ET, 014HO05319 Maypar Latch-ET and 014HO05315 Windsor-Manor ZE Skylar-ET*RC.

014HO05300 Micah and 014HO05360 Pilot are the first Shottle sons to graduate from the PACE young sire program, and 014HO05411 Palermo is Accelerated Genetics’ first Goldwyn son to graduate, as well as the first in the industry.

From Accelerated Genetics news release

IPS builds prestige with April sire proofs

The most notable impact builder at International Protein Sires resulting from the April proofs is 6HO1146 Roxy. Roxy moved up to +2.09 type with a significant increase in classified daughters. His TPI rating that hovers at +1800 is the result of solid production and superior type. Roxy descends from the renowned brood matron, Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97). A BW Marshall son, Roxy’s dam is a Very Good-87 classified daughter of Comestar Outside.

Another superior breed leader for type in the IPS fold is 6HO1036 Arrow. A graduate of the IPS young sire-proving program, Arrow’s type at +2.95 ranks #7 among all proven Holstein sires. At +2.69, Arrow is #6 for udder composite. This breed leader for type inherits these great credentials from an impressive ancestry. He is sired by the preeminent Durham – and he is backed by three generations of Excellent-94 dams.

Two recent graduates of the IPS national sampling program are 6HO1044 Dakota and 6HO1046 Bevan. These bulls excel in fitness traits, combined with solid production and strong type characteristics. Dakota is +3.8 for productive life with a 2.68 somatic cell score. Bevan, on the other hand, has a productive life rating of +2.7 along with a 2.77 somatic cell score.

From IPS news release

Alta Genetics tops charts with three bulls influenced by Regancrest

Starting off Alta’s April sire summary are three bulls with Regancrest influence on the maternal side of their pedigrees: AltaIOTA, AltaDOLMAN and AltaDAZZLER. Each of these bulls have been sampled in different countries, all with extraordinary results, perfectly reflecting the worldwide influence and transmitting ability consistent of the Dellia bloodline.

As Alta’s top new release TPI sire and #1 TPI sire overall, AltaIOTA is the kind of bull every A.I. company would love to add to their lineup. Strengths from both sides of his pedigree shine through with high udder scores indicative of the Dellias, and production, health and feet and legs from his paternal side. AltaIOTA offers an attractive health profile that supports $563 NM. Cows bred to AltaIOTA will calve easy (6 SCE) and AltaIOTA daughters will breed back quickly (+1.5 DPR).

Another exciting new release with Dellia influence is AltaDOLMAN. This bull, proven in the Netherlands, will appeal to progressive producers far beyond the borders of the EU. AltaDOLMAN is the second-highest new release TPI sire for Alta and a leader for DPR at 2.6. His proof brings extreme CE and superior components, particularly protein percentage at +0.10.

Rounding off the trio of Dellia- influenced sires is the Canadian sampled newcomer, AltaDAZZLER. This bull is the highest new type bull in the Top 100 LPI list, rating 16 point for Conformation. His 2.72 PTAT makes him #1 for Alta in this regard. AltaDAZZLER is a feet and legs specialist and has ranked at the top of Alta’s list for this composite of traits. Additionally, he is the #1 feet and legs bull in Canada. He has been siring tall, long, deep and open-ribbed cows with exceptional rear udder width, height and strength to their cleft.

From Alta Genetics news release

ABS graduates high-ranking Shottle sons

29HO13366 End-Road BEACON-ET graduates as the highest-ranking SHOTTLE son in the breed, debuting in the top 10 of the Holstein Top 100 TPI list. This Rock Solid sire will add profitability (+579 NM$) and production (+1394 Milk) with impressive components at +66 pounds of Fat and +48 pounds of Protein. This calving ease sire improves all Type traits (+2.45 PTAT) and daughters possess high, wide and capacious rear udders with long fore udders.

Easily the most reliable SHOTTLE son in the world with 250 milking daughters,29HO13239 Gold-N-Oaks GARDETTO-ET is another exciting ABS graduate. GARDETTO defines Type at +2.43 and functional feet and legs at +2.27 Feet and Legs Composite.GARDETTO daughters are tall individuals with deep frames and wide rumps.

29HO13316 Badger ONESHOT-ET is another Rock Solid SHOTTLE son to enter the ABS lineup. This calving ease sire from an Excellent ROY sires daughters built for production.At +1157 pounds of Milk, ONESHOT transmits long, balanced, dairy cows that exhibit style to their frames. PD

From ABS news release