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Breeders’ Circle: Issue 7 2011

PD Staff Published on 26 April 2011


April proofs highlight three top-five Milk bulls for IPS
The April sire summaries yielded unprecedented results for International Protein sires.



“The IPS proven Holstein lineup saw great achievements resulting from the April proofs. IPS now has three proven Holsteins in the top five for milk, an industry accomplishment not seen in recent times.

In addition, type traits associated with IPS bulls advance with each sire summary,” commented Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.

Among the newest IPS releases is 6HO1156 Lucifer (+1817 TPI). Lucifer’s milk yield is +2,359, resulting in a prestigious number-four ranking among all proven Holstein sires.

Another new IPS release, 6HO1068 Dynasty, provides great type traits. His predicted transmitting ability for type comes in just under +3.00, while his udder composite is +2.31.

The genetic pace-setting qualities of the IPS bulls grow with each sire summary. 6HO1151 Hogan continues to gain status with each run. Now at +1869TPI and +1,133 milk, Hogan is the number nine bull for foot and leg composite rating at +3.23.


The number three milk bull of the breed is 6HO1150 Yankee at +2,365. 6HO1036 Arrow and 6HO1068 Dynasty are both ranked in the top 50 for udder composite.

And 6HO1124 Tycoon is number five among all red Holstein proven sires for TPI. Tycoon-Red is also number two among red bulls for productive life at +5.6, number three for somatic cell score at 2.57 and number five for NM$ with a rating of +362.

—From IPS news release

Select Sires continues to offer high-type sires
Select Sires continues to offer more high-type sires than any other A.I. source with 17 sires scoring at or above +2.40 PTAT. Select Sires tops Holstein Association USA’s Top 50 lists for Type, Udder Composite and Feet and Leg Composite with the #1 sire for each trait.

As the source for elite Type, Select Sires dominates the Top 50 lists with six sires in the top 10 for Type, seven sires in the top 15 for Udder Composite and seven sires in the top 20 for Feet and Leg Composite.

As the # 1 sire in the breed for Type at +4.08 PTAT, 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-94) excels in all composite scores: +2.69 UDC, +3.00 FLC, +4.36 Body Composite (BD) and +3.48 Dairy Composite (D).


A December 2010 graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada (PGAC), 7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY (VG-86) ranks third in the U.S. in the breed for Type at +3.39 PTAT and improves all type traits including +2.44 UDC and +2.79 FLC.

Fellow December 2010 graduate 7HO9420 Fustead Goldwyn GUTHRIE-ET (EX-94), is the breed’s #5 Type bull (+3.23 PTAT) and #3 Udder Composite sire (+3.08 UDC).

With a GTPI of +1985 and great fitness traits (+2.5 PL and 2.80 SCS), this sire makes profitable daughters (+$395 NM). GUTHRIE also displays a +1.7 SCR.

Udder specialist 7HO8885 Henkeseen EMPHASIS-ET (VG-88) continues to lead the breed for Udder Composite at +3.21 UDC. He is the breed’s only +3.00 UDC and FLC sire.

New graduate 7HO9393 Penn-England EZEKIEL-ET (VG-88) tied for sixth rank among Holstein Association USA’s Top 50 sires for Udder Composite (+2.85 UDC). EZEKIEL also has a PTAT of +2.59.

Showcase Selections sire 7HO8743 Scientific SS DUSK-ET *RC (EX-94) dominates the Feet and Leg Composite with a score of +3.65 FLC. This PGAC graduate sires offspring with ideal foot angle and leg pattern and improves all type composites (+3.13 PTAT, +2.23 UDC, +2.38 BD and +2.46 D).

Rounding out the top ten for Type is perennial show-ring favorite 7HO7004 Erbacres DAMION (EX-95) and emerging tanbark star 7HO8190 Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ (EX-94). DAMION has been recognized as a leader for type since his release in August 2005 (+3.12 PTAT, +2.13 UDC and +3.06 FLC).

Showcase Selections and DIAMOND SELECTion sire SANCHEZ continues to show his ability to transmit high type (+3.06 PTAT, +2.16 UDC and +2.54 FLC).

—From Select Sires news release

New sires maintain Genex’s high Lifetime Net Merit standard
Two years ago, genomic technology proved the elite genetics of sires like Genex Cooperative, Inc.’s 1HO08784 Freddie %-I and 1HO02565 Cassino %-I. Today, the genomic legacy is pushed to new limits as the second generation of genomics – sons of those genomic-proven mating sires – made a dramatic entrance into the Genex lineup.

These new sires, together with an already stellar group of Genex Holstein bulls, combine to a commanding 19 sires over +$700 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM).

The new debut, 1HO10218 Denim %-I, a Freddie son, perches atop the lineup at +$877 LNM list. Denim transmits exceptional health traits: +7.9 Productive Life, +3.5 DPR, +2.54 SCS and 5% Sire Calving Ease.

Three additional Freddie sons also surpassed the +$700 LNM mark: 1HO10257 Tuck %-I, 1HO09853 Sobieski %-I, and 1HO10247 Gervase %-I.

1HO10215 Franz %-I and 1HO10213 Fathom %-I, a pair of new Cassino sons, rank +$795 and +$793 LNM. Both sport 5% Sire Calving Ease, longevity, low SCS, a DPR over +2.0, and a FLC over +2.25. Franz adds Milk pounds while Fathom improves components.

1HO10201 Gallow %-I is a third outstanding Cassino son at +$736 LNM. And the +$733 LNM sire, 1HO10097 Yuengling %-I, is a Cassino son and GENESIS graduate out of the #1 LNM and #1 GTPISM cow Co-op Boliver Yoyo-ET.

1HO10245 Abraham %-I adds an amazing +9.2 more months of Productive Life. He also possesses major foot and leg improvement opportunities at +2.35 FLC, all in a +$736 LNM package.

1HO10225 Bud %-I sires medium-sized cows with outstanding conformation (+2.15 PTA Type) and incredible udders (+1.97 Udder Composite).

At +$708 LNM, 1HO03068 Ehman combines health and fitness traits with ideal udders (+2.19 UDC) and plentiful production (+1633 PTA Milk).

Freddie, 1HO09800 Erdman %-I, 1HO10085 Yano, 1HO02771 Jock %-I, 1HO09167 O-Style, 1HO02848 Parker, 1HO10064 Tornado and 1HO10061 Banning round out the 19 Genex sires over +$700 LNM.

—From CRI news release

Accelerated Genetics has chart-topping sires in all breeds
The April 2011 sire summary results from Accelerated Genetics has created a storm of excitement throughout the industry.

Accelerated Genetics’ PACE program has returned three bulls that rank in the Top 11 of the Holstein breed for TPI. Two of these sires received outstanding second summaries in 014HO05639 CM and 014HO05560 Emerald.

Accelerated Genetics is also now offering Man-O-Man’s clone, 014HO06429 Man-O-Man 2-ETN.

Exciting new Holstein sires: New bulls added to this lineup include: 014HO05617 Mystic, 014HO05647 Davis, 014HO05681 Loto, 014HO05676 Dion, 014HO04645 Reality-Red, and 014HO05552 Grenade.

Sires that continue to impress: Sires in this category include 014HO05300 Micah, 014HO04924 Kramer, 014HO04619 Jake, 014HO04876 Paxton and 014HO04956 Dotson.

High-Type Holsteins: Those looking for high-type bulls have many bulls to choose from. They include: 014HO05411 Palermo, 014HO05399 Kolton, 014HO05378 Garret, 014HO05382 Contact , 014HO05434 Trump, 206HO00153 Struik, 014HO04784 Monument and 014HO05075 Hvezda*RC.

High-ranking protein breed sires: In the Jersey breed, 014JE00473 Louie continues to rank as #1 on the Top 100 JPI list at +207g.

New this month is 014JE00503 Abram with high ratings for fat (+35 lbs., +.08%), protein (+27 lbs., +.06%) and productive life (3.6).

In addition, GeneFORCE sires 014JE00533 Vito, 014JE00555 Roy, and 014JE00537 Lotto are the cream of the crop and already being used for A.I. sons.

With recent Brown Swiss releases 014BS00329 Promotion and 014BS00331 Dollar, they added more daughters and continue to impress breeders. 014BS00320 Dally remains one of the Brown Swiss breed’s best all-around sires.

Plus, don’t miss our impressive group of GeneFORCE sires – 014BS00350 Golden Boy, 014BS00341 Emergency and 014BS00343 Kayson.

For Ayrshires, 014AY00026 Charlie is one of the breed’s best production sires, and for Milking Shorthorns, 014MS00112 Royal Treble may be the most dominant bull of any breed.

Rounding out the breeds with Guernseys, 014GU00309 Kaptain is a top Guernsey milk sire; and a few units of high-type sire 014GU00310 Nick still remain.

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

ABS Global announces new graduates
With the release of the April 2011 USDA genetic evaluations, ABS Global expands the dairy lineup with sixteen new graduates.

The following high-type sires are now available through ABS Global:

94HO13456 ALOU; 94HO0868 JET-RED; 94HO13578 LEWIS; 9HO13553 STONEWALL; and. 529HO13623 X-RAY.

Making more milk in the tank, the next three graduates shine for production: 29HO13664 LEVI ; 29HO13694 MISSILE; and, 29HO13754 SANDERSON.

For a focus on Net Merit, the following sires will deliver the ideal management traits: 29HO13566 HOWARD and 529HO13671 SMITTY.

If the objective is for a complete, balanced package look to these new graduates: 29HO13585 BREWSKI; 529HO13462 DONALD; 29HO13616 GARMAN; 29HO13568 MILLARD; 529HO13618 MOBILE; and 529JE3563 FORBES.

—From ABS Global news release

CRV USA debuts Diversity Holstein sires
CRV USA debuts the Diversity sire selection, due to launch with the April 2011 index run. As the rate of inbreeding increases in the U.S. Holstein population, CRV has recognized the need to diversify bloodlines while protecting future genetic selection.

The Diversity program was created to aid farmers with sire selection, lower inbreeding in their herds and capture the savings associated with the process.

Increased inbreeding has shown to have negative effects on production, longevity, fertility and overall cow health. According to a study by Dr. Bennet Cassell at Virginia Tech, there will be a loss of 13 productive days for every one percent inbred.

Additional time and money losses are incurred by farmers due to treating sick animals and extra breedings. CRV can help farmers improve their herd health and reclaim that time and money lost on inbreeding-related issues.

Diversity contains a selection of bulls with an EFI at or below 4.5 percent to help lower the herd’s inbreeding rate. The EFI or expected future inbreeding rate indicates which sires are outcross compared to a random selection of the population.

CRV will have a constant selection of low EFI bulls available for farmers to chose from at all times.

—From CRV news release

Semex sires link production and type in April proofs round
Semex sires once again linked profitable production with balanced type in the April 2011 proof round. New-release sires, high-ranking sires, second-crop sires and genomic young sires underline Semex’s commitment to our customers’ profits.

Semex is pleased to release several new sires including:

0200HO03559 Vioris Sleeman delivers breed-leading production in an outcross package. Sleeman debuts with the highest production in the top 100 LPI and as the #2 Protein bull, netting a +2098 LPI and the #18 slot.

0200HO05548 Kerndt-Premier Butze and his full brother 0200HO05611 Premier-Kerndt Sailing, arrive with initial proofs in Canada and the USA respectively.

0200HO07147 Kilobyte ranks as Semex’s highest combined PTAT and Calving Ease sire at +3.04 PTAT with a low 6 for Calving Ease. This Goldwyn son offers breed-leading type, being the #9 FLC bull at +2.95 and is Semex’s #3 and #1 new release UDC bull at +2.75 UDC.

0200HO05660 Dudoc Radius is Semex’s #3 Shottle son. Radius has an impressive net merit of 467NM$, positive DPR and a +3.9 PL. Coupled with his great +1.68 PTAT, he’s a great option for long-lasting cows. Radius debuts on the LPI listing at #21 and is available as a SEMEX™ sire.

0200HO05655 Delaberge Shocker is Kilobyte’s maternal brother by Shottle. Very similar in his profile, Shocker is also a Repromax and Health$mart sire with great +2.64 PTAT, leading productive life of +3.7 and low 2.67 SCS. At +2.70 FUA, +3.62 RUH and +3.06 RUW, his proof matches these reports.

0200HO02248 Nova-HD Ardent is a Semex Health$mart sire, designed to increase profits with his low 2.69 SCS, high +2.6 PL and +1.10 DPR. PD

—From Semex news release