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Published on 25 August 2009

O-Man reaches one million

O-Man reaches the million dose milestone and he does it with high reliability. It's an amazing achievement. In addition to his dominance on index lists in the U.S., O-Man has ranked atop the charts in several other countries in the past couple years, including Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. Bred by Gary, Gaylon and Steve Obert, Dakota, Illinois, this Excellent Ha-Ho Cubby MANFRED-ET son is out of an Excellent 92 Emprise Bell ELTON daughter, Meier-Meadows El Jezebel-ET. Jezebel has proven herself an outstanding transmitter, returning nine of 12 sons to active-A.I.

Jezebel has established a powerful cow family, with granddaughters and great-granddaughters that have produced several noteworthy sires. Altogether, the Oberts have sold more than 250 bulls to A.I., 28 of which have graduated to an active lineup. O-Man has been successful for so many producers because his daughters produce volumes of high-component milk, calve easily, breed back quickly and have great feet and legs and strength to compete well in large, challenging herd environments.



While O-Man has established himself as a genetic giant within the Holstein breed, his legacy is certain to continue through his many sons. The first O-Man sons graduated into proven line-ups in the U.S. in January 2009. After the April 2009 sire summary, there were 41 in active service.

World Wide Sires represents Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

-- From World Wide Sires news release

Toystory achieves new record
In the past year, 1HO7235 Jenny-Lou Mrshl TOYSTORY-ET *TV has surpassed a milestone achieved by few sires in the industry. In April, he produced his one-millionth unit of semen. Now, he has accomplished yet another record as producers worldwide have purchased one million doses of Toystory semen.

Toystory's semen production accomplishments complement his outstanding genetic credentials. With the August 2009 sire summary, Toystory's production evaluation includes over 7,416 milking daughters in 2,949 herds. Toystory now stands at +$477 Lifetime Net Merit and scores +3.06 PTA Type, +2.98 Udder Composite and +2.11 Foot & Leg Composite. The list of outstanding evaluations goes on with efficient production (1689 PTA Milk, +62 Fat, +50 Protein), +1919 TPI™ 7% Sire Calving Ease and +3.4 Sire Conception Rate.


Interest in Toystory and his offspring is apparent worldwide. In the U.S., Toystory daughter Savage-Leigh Lavisha-ET, VG-89, EX-MS sold for an astounding $340,000 at the August 2009 International Intrigue Sale. In Brazil, Toystory has 82 percent more registered offspring compared to the next-leading sire. South Africa deemed Toystory "Most Popular Bull", and France announced him as one of the most heavily used foreign sires.

-- From Genex news release

Four-time conception king
For four consecutive evaluations, Alta leads the industry's sire conception rate (SCR) evaluation that was released by the USDA.

Today, over 71 percent of all of Alta's Holstein sires receiving an SCR evaluation rate above the industry average for the USDA's sire fertility evaluation. At the same time, Alta sires' average conception rate is nearly 1 percent better than the industry average.

Alta is the leader in sire fertility among the major A.I. studs included in the SCR evaluation, leading by a margin of at least 4 percent and up to 47 percent over competitors. Alta has led the USDA sire fertility evaluation since the SCR evaluations was first released.

-- From Alta Genetics news release


Newest winners in the game: Cricket and Fidelity
O-Man son Cricket and Kian son Fidelity, show an incredibly complete transmitting pattern. Goli, a second O-Man son, moves up in the NVI ranking. Delta Paramount also climbs after adding second-crop daughters to his proofs.

Ralma O-Man Cricket-ET (+216 NVI) is the most complete and highest type sire of these. He scores well on all traits. Compared to his position after the April proof run, he climbs for kilograms of milk (+1,063kg) as well as four points for his total score (115). The latter is the result of an increase for all type traits, which now stand at an international top level of 115 for frame, 110 for dairy strength, 110 for udder and 108 for feet and legs. To complete his inheritance pattern, Cricket increases longevity (+395 days), somatic cell score (113) and daughter fertility (101). And he transmits good temperament (105) and is a calving ease sire (110).

De-Su O-Man Goli-ET now also has an official score for longevity, which sets his NVI score at +202. Goli shows a very complete package of breeding values. He transmits an ample amount of milk (+1,081kg) with neutral components. Moreover, he possesses a type transmittance (112) of top level. Goli improves feet and legs (107), while his udder inheritance is in particular good (110), considering the fact that he is an O-Man son. Goli transmits furthermore low somatic cell scores (107) and is suitable for use on maiden heifers (107 calving ease).

Delta Paramount (+200 NVI) has added second-crop daughters to his proof for the first time. His production proof now comprises 537 daughters. Those extra daughters bring Paramount a gain of 23 points of NVI. This increase is the result of a one-point gain for frame (now 104) and udder (111) and a two-point gain for dairy strength (now 103) and feet and legs (112). His total score now stands at 113.

Delta Fidelity debuts at number two in the red-and-white rankings. His NVI score of +277 is exceptionally high. Fidelity is a Kian son out of the Delta-tested Lightning daughter Delta Bles rf. Fidelity has a unique production inheritance at his disposal. He combines +1,433kg with an extraordinary protein content of +0.19%. With respect to type, he does well for udder (108). And with his feet and legs score of 114, he is already following the footsteps of his sire Kian and his grand sire Lightning rf, who are both famous for being true feet and legs improvers. Fidelity sires dairy cows with good milking speed (102) and temperament (103). And he does well for longevity (+373 days), somatic cell count (102) and calving ease (106).

In April, Pericles son Dch Everlight (+220 NVI) appeared for the first time in the rankings.This time, Everlight improves his scores for somatic cell score (now 106) and feet and legs (now 107). And he is now accompanied by his full brother Dch Almighty (+216 NVI). Almighty offers good type due to 110 for frame, 103 for dairy strength, 109 for udder and 107 for feet and legs, resulting in a total score of 112. Just like Everlight, Almighty transmits yield with high components: +749kg for milk, +0.18% for fat and +0.11% for protein. Almighty is a calving ease sire (105) and decreases somatic cell count (105).

-- From MRI news release

Accelerated Jersey lineup
Recent PACE graduate 014JE00473 TOLLENAARS IMPULS LOUIE 260-ET keeps improving with each proof, and has now climbed his way to number one. Louie moved into the number one spot in the breed for JPI sires at +288 JPI and is the number one sire for Net Merit at +582 NM$. Significant increase in production helped move Louie to tie for second on CM$ +569, and join the Top 5 list of milk sires with +2048 PTAM. Health traits are a huge strength for Louie, as he is super in Productive Life and Daughter Pregnancy Rate, being +4 and +1.4 respectively. Louie provides the rare combination of high-production genetics while offering outcross with a low 5.3% EFI. He sires tall, strong daughters that have correct feet and legs, and very desirable udders.

014JE00472 FOREST GLEN ARTIST ALEXANDER also lands in the top 15 JPI sires after a nice increase for type. Alexander continues to offer high-component outcross genetics. He is an Artist from a Very Good Bold and possesses a rather low 5.6% EFI rating. Alexander sires high components (+.19% fat and +.05% protein) along with great health trait ratings (+5.4 PL and +1.0 DPR). Look for Alexander to sire shallow udders with strong fore udder attachments.

Holstein sires offer beautiful udders with calving ease
014HO04929 LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN (Man-O-Man), now with high enough reliability to be #2 on the Top 100 TPI List. Of all the O-Man sons recently released, Man-O-Man carries the most impressive proof with +1739 PTAM, +.09%F with +87 PTAF, +.12%P with +85 PTAP, +700 NM$, +2.1 Productive Life, +2.94 SCS, +0.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, 5% calving ease, and +2172G TPI. Man-O-Man daughters are tall, long, and dairy with level rumps and snugly-attached udders.

Entering the Red lineup, 014HO05095 Ladinodale Alando-Red-ET is a serious player at +1654G TPI. He is loaded with Productive Life at +4.8 and has tremendous udders at +2.60 UDC. His daughters are medium-sized that are built correctly with the udders that made his sire, Talent*RC famous.

The new elite type Red Carrier bull is 014HO5075 ORBE-VIEW S STORM HVEZDA-ET RC. He is a September Storm*RC out of a Durham out of a Jolt. Hvezda graduates at +3.76 PTAT, +3.14 UDC, and +2.76 FLC. His daughters are extremely tall, long, and deep-bodied with a lot of style. He is sure to produce some daughters for the showring.

014HO05073 TOLLENAARS MERIT 274-ET has +483 NM$ and is an O-Man son who specializes in calving ease at 6%. He also improves rear udders and does this without sacrificing milk, as he is at +1296 PTAM. Continuing the long line of superior O-Man sons at Accelerated Genetics is 014HO05006 MOON-LINE CEDRIC. Cedric adds tremendous calving ease at 6%, tremendous productive life at +3.1, and low somatic cell score at +2.74. His daughters are tall and strong with superior udders.

If you like high milk and type, 014HO04966 HARTLINE TITANIC THAW-ET will catch your attention. He is a Titanic son at +2080 PTAM that makes them fancy. His daughters are tall, long, and stylish, with fancy udders. Another Titanic son that adds type and style is 014HO05060 ROKEYROAD TITANIC RAMBO. He is a descendant of the Raven cow family and sires tall, dairy, and wide cows that have great components. Rambo daughters also are extremely high and wide in the rear udder with plenty of width at both ends.

Flash joins active Guernsey lineup
New to the active Guernsey lineup is 014GU00305 DIX LEE TILLER FLASH. Flash is a son of the high type bull Tiller and brings the type of his sire to his daughters. The dam of Flash is a Very Good 014GU00258 Lorry daughter. She has a top record of over 25,000 milk, 940 fat and 780 protein in her second lactation. The type in this pedigree also flows from the maternal side as the next dam is an Excellent 93-point, Perfecto daughter that produced over 100,000 milk in her lifetime. Flash daughters exhibit tremendous frames, being very tall, deep and wide. They have outstanding rear udders and close teat placement. Flash is positive for both fat and protein percents as well as being a good source for type and frame.

Dally joins active Brown Swiss lineup
014BS00320 KULP GEN PRONTO DALLY-ET combines a deep cow family with good type and the result is a very attractive PACE graduate. He is a son of Pronto, the high-ranking Ensign son known for high profitability. The maternal line behind Dally is quite exceptional. His dam, Kulp-Gen EM Daffodil, is an Excellent Emerald daughter that is a very high component cow, producing over 22,000 pounds of milk with a 5.9% fat and 3.7% protein in her first lactation. The next dam is Round Hill Preston Daisy, the Excellent-91 brood cow who has produced many successful offspring and has a record of over 170,000 pounds of milk in her lifetime with a top record of over 30,000 pounds.

-- From Accelerated Genetics news release PD