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Published on 30 August 2010


ABS boosts global sire lineup
With the release of the August 2010 sire summary data, ABS added sixteen new Holstein sires to its active global lineup.



Among the group of new sires added to the lineup, ABS added five elite TPI sires with Doberman, Winston and Adrian debuting in the Top 100 TPI. High-ranking TPI ABS graduates include the following.

29HO13359 Beer-Crest Bremer Adrian – Backed by nine generations of cows over 100,000 pounds milk lifetime, hails from the same cow family as 29HO13325 Magnetism and combines high NM$ (+538), longevity (+5.4 PL) and balanced type

29HO13363 Coppertop Doberman-ET – Exciting new Shottle son, component improver at +61 Fat and +39 Protein, sires low SCS (2.77) for quality milk and available as ABS Sexation sex-sorted semen

29HO12532 Tallent Goldmine – Combines two ABS favorites—Boliver x Roy, sires well-attached, youthful udders producing high component milk, 7% Calving Ease sire

29HO13291 Vision-Gen Maury-ET – Rock Solid Genetics graduate (100 daughters in 60 herds), Feet and legs specialist at +2.60 FLC and 6% Calving Ease sire


ABS Global expanded its protein sire lineup with the addition of one new Brown Swiss and two new Jersey sires following the August 2010 sire summary.

29JE3542 Gabys Ballard-ET is an Action son that sires longevity (+4.2 PL) and daughter fertility. Daughters possess outstanding udders (+2.61 JUI), carrying them high above the hock with high, wide rear udders.

29JE3541 Fairway Klipper-ET is an udder improvement specialist (+2.27 JUI) siring functional udders that produce volumes of high-quality milk. KLIPPER daughters are sharp, angular individuals that track well on a correct set of feet and legs. KLIPPER is backed by a pedigree that sires long-lived, high-scoring cows.

The Brown Swiss graduate, 29BS3807 Sun-Made Garbo Vanguard, hails from a successful A.I. cow family made popular by Vanguard’s grand dam—Genesis Even Victoria 3E-93. Vanguard daughters have well-attached mammary systems and closely placed teats. PD

From ABS news releases

10 new sires for Select Sires
With the release of August 2010 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates 10 outstanding new Holstein sires into active A.I.

Four Picston Shottle-ET sons dominate Select Sires’ lineup and rank among the top seven for Type at Select Sires.


Showcase Selections sire 7HO9165 Regancrest S Braxton-ET (EX-94) debuts as the leading sire in the breed for Type at +3.98. The new graduate also ranks as the No. 2 sire at Select Sires for Feet and Legs Composite (FLC) at +3.25. Braxton is out of Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM), a 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton Durham-ET*CV daughter whose family exemplifies type. Accompanied by their breed-leading feet and legs, Braxton daughters have outstanding udders (+2.62 Udder Composite, UDC) with solid production (+977 Milk). Use him on any of the Braedale Goldwyn pedigrees to create the Expo and Royal kind.

7HO9157 Eastview Ernie-ET (VG-88) enters Select Sires’ lineup as the No. 2 sire for Type (+3.16) and No. 3 for Udder Composite (+2.76). Ernie emphasizes type with his sound pedigree that includes two Excellent (91) dams and a sire stack of Shottle x Durham x 7HO3948 MJR Blackstar Emory-ET. Ernie has solid percent fat (+.08%) and protein (+.02%) and improves all udder traits. He can be used in the heifer pens as he has low calving difficulty (7% Calving Ease).

7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET sons 7HO8913 Rhoman-Wai O-Man Oliver-ET and 7HO9069 Regancrest Oman Ingles-ET (VG-87) combine elite health traits with solid production and type to create balanced pedigrees. Rhoman and Ingles each rank among the Top 100 Holstein sires for TPI.

At +1897 GTPI, Rhoman is ranked as Select Sires’ No. 1 Feet and Leg Composite sire (+3.30 FLC). The Herdlife Builder and HealthMark™ sire improves components (+.09% Fat and +.07% Protein), maintains strong fitness traits (+3.8 PL and 2.74 SCS) and reduces calving difficulty (5% CE).

Elite Red sires
7HO9064 Net-A-Way SS Paxton-Red-ET ranks among the top five Red bulls at +1696 GTPI. Paxton-Red advances type (+1.21 Type), improves feet and legs (+1.89 FLC) and udders (+1.16 UDC), while maintaining elite fitness (+2.6 PL, +1.0 DPR and 2.95 SCS). Sired by Pursuit September Storm, Paxton-Red is a HealthMark sire and Superior Settler. As a calving ease sire (7% CE), he is a great mating for heifers, especially daughters of 7HO7872 KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET and 7HO8223 Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red. PD

From Select Sires news release

Genomic promises become reality for Alta
For Alta the August 2010 sire summary brought exciting new releases, proven sires living up to their genomic promises and numerous second-crop successes. Unparalleled sire fertility results are easily attributed to ConceptPlus evaluations and Alta’s enduring commitment to provide producers with the tools necessary to get cows pregnant.

AltaRush 11HO9939 (Shottle x Jesther) 1895 TPI / ConceptPlus

This Future Star graduate and outcross Shottle son combines high fertility (ConceptPlus rated), type (PTAT 2.23) and production (+774 lbs PTAM) to make him the most complete package new-release sire this proof round.

Alta Advantage® consultants cannot sing enough praise to the immaculate udders (2.34 UDC) AltaRush daughters possess. Rear udder attachments are exceptionally eye-catching and exhibit extreme width and height. Udder depth is shallow, fore udders blend smoothly into the body wall and clefts are strong.

AltaRush daughters are tall, open-bodied, flat-boned cows displaying ample strength throughout. Rumps are particularly attractive and display the width, flatness and slope commonly sought after. Easily admired feet and legs characteristics include desirable depth of heel, strength of pastern and set to the hock.

Three heavy-hitting production bulls released this evaluation include AltaMogul, AltaOlin and AltaMataro. AltaMogul 11HO9816 (Oman x BW Marshall) stems from a family known for its extreme production. The bull boasts an incredible PTAM of +2052 lbs and CFP of > +110. A high $NM (+407) and calving ease sire, AltaMogul is not only the kind that will get the job done, but do it well.

AltaOlin 11HO9578 (Titanic x Addison) brings a PTAT of +1.37 to the table along with notable production numbers (+1300 lbs PTAM). Daughters of AltaOlin will be of average size and possess great udder quality, rear attachments and long silky necks.

AltaMataro 11HO9785 (Oman x BW Marshall) is an Advantage® Program graduate and a “no holes” kind of bull. High production (+1185 lbs) and components (+37 PTAP, +50 PTAF), fertility (ConceptPlus ranked) and extreme calving ease (5%) will make this a sire of choice for progressive dairymen.

Looking for outcross sires that don’t sacrifice numbers? Look no further than AltaSocal and AltaMob. AltaSocal 11HO9588 (Sosa x Allen) is a fertility specialist with a ConceptPlus ranking. AltaSocal’s proof also offers an impressive +1626 lbs PTAM, +70 lbs PTAF and +1.44 PTAT.

August brought good things for AltaIota’s crowd of admirers. His TPI rose significantly since April to a value of 2135, and he is now the #4 sire in this regard. AltaIota improved nicely for both PTAT and UDC while adding over 60 daughters to his type proof. He is now the highest UDC bull in the top 5 TPI at 2.01. AltaIota’s production numbers remained consistent at 815 PTAM, 66 PTAF and 42 PTAP.

AltaRoss 11HO9703 (Oman x AltaBoss) 2103 TPI / ConceptPlus / HealthPlus / Cheesemaker

AltaRoss never fails to prove his ability to transmit. His daughters continue to not only deliver, but improve, on all counts. This proof round AltaRoss’ numbers for $NM (+610), Health Index (+3.75), PTAT (+1.54), UDC (+1.63), FLC (+1.70) and PL (+5.3) all increased since April. A well-known, respected and widely used bull, AltaRoss claims the #5 spot on the top 100 TPI list with a TPI of 2103. PD

From Alta Genetics newswire report

Semex boast type strength in 2010 proofs
The August 2010 proof round saw the arrival of Semex’s Goldwyn sons and the return of Semex to its role as type leader, much to the approval of type fans worldwide. Looking through the entire Semex lineup though, it’s easy to see that Semex offers much more than sons descending from one family tree.

Proof positive of this diversity is the arrival of several Mr Sam sons to the Semex lineup, offering an outcross to herds dominated by Goldwyn and Shottle bloodlines.

One of these, is the #1 PTAT Mr Sam and #3 Conformation sire, 0200HO02137 Pine-Tree Sid. From a VG-88 DOM Finley dam, this Designer Series™, Health$mart™ sire offers dramatic improvement over dams and is a transmitter of strength and tremendous mammary systems. These claims are evident in his August showing, at +18 Conf, +17 Mammary System and +15 Dairy Strength with 2.93 SCS, +108 Herd Life, +102 Calving Ability and +110 Dtr Calving Ability on LPI. On the USA TPI rankings he’s an impressive +3.02 PTAT, +2.61 UDC, +2.02 FLC with a low 2.90 SCS and tremendous mammary systems at +3.93 FU Attach, +2.82 RU Height, +2.76 RU Width and +2.94 U Cleft. Additionally, he’s a high fertilty Repromax™ sire.

Proven in April, Repromax™ sire 0200HO02106 Stantons Steady is from the famous Saturday family, Steady’s dam is a VG-85 17* Convincer from the VG-86 35* Rudolph Stress cow. This family is well-known for delivering profitable sires to the marketplace, including seven other sires at Semex. “These are big, black, powerful, angular cows,” says Carl Saucier, CIAQ Progeny Analyst.

“They have shallow udders with tremendous fore udders, are wide with hard tops, balance and style.” Balanced throughout, this Repromax™ sire has a +2.19 PTAT, +1.35 FLC, all with an impressive +.21% F, calving ease and low somatic cell score, giving him all the qualifications to be both a Designer Series and Health$mart sire.

Sourcing the best genetics worldwide, Semex utilized the German star Laudan, known for transmitting high yields, good udder health, good fitness and longevity, on a BW Marshall from the same family that gave us Semex great Canyon-Breeze Allen. The result was Health$mart™ sire 0200HO00423 Canyon-Breeze Alaska, Semex’s #1 LPI release sire in April, now ranking an impressive #13 LPI at +2164 GLPI as a Semex Health$mart™ sire with +108 Herd Life, +104 Milking Speed, +107 Dtr Calving Ability, +106 Dtr Fertility with positive components. In the USA, he’s the #3 PTAT Laudan son, showing the same desirable herd health traits, excellent type and positive deviations at +1.96 PTAT, +2.4 PL, 8 Calving Ease, +.05%F, +.06%P and low 2.85 SCS. PD

From Semex news release

Man-O-Man tops the list for Accelerated Genetics
As the weather this summer seems to be a scorcher from coast to coast, it is fitting that the August Sire Summary for Accelerated Genetics continues that hot trend. The top bull in Accelerated Genetics’ sire lineup continues to be 014HO04929 Man–O–Man. He is siring many high-priced offspring at sales this summer and the future holds more of the same. Man–O–Man improved to #3 on the TPI list at +2149 and continues to be a source of high components and total performance.

Two highly touted releases from April solidified themselves as elite bulls of the breed. 014HO05411 Palermo added significant information and retained his place as one of the top type bulls of the breed. This early Goldwyn son is now +3.25 type and is among the top 20 TPI bulls of the breed at +1998 TPI. His ability to sire stylish type, great udders, high components and outstanding health traits will make him in high demand as a sire of sons as well as a great one to make a fancy show calf.

014HO05300 Micah continues to improve with every proof run. His daughters are doing great and contribute greatly to his climb up the charts. Micah enters the TPI list among the top 50 bulls of the breed. He is a great source for improving production and type together.

Adding over 350 daughters to his proof this summary, 014HO04148 Nifty now enters the realm of second- crop success sires at Accelerated. Nifty improved on milk, protein, type, udders, NM$ and TPI with these additional daughters. Many reports of well-satisfied dairy producers are coming into Accelerated about Nifty daughters. PD

From Accelerated Geneticsnews release