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Breeders’ Circle: Issue 13 2011

PD Staff Published on 24 August 2011

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ABS Global announces new graduates in the U.S.

With the release of the August 2011 USDA Genetic Evaluations, ABS Global expands the dairy lineup with 17 new graduates.



If high-type sires are a priority in your breeding program, look to the following sires:

29HO13601 ZELGADIS – Exciting Italian graduate with a unique pedigree (Goldwyn x Aaron) and over +3.0 on UDC, FLC and PTAT.

29HO13712 REVAMP – An Elegant son of Whittier Farm’s Outsize Roz 2E-95 EEEEE DOM.

29HO12646 BOSSMAN – A Goldwyn x Stormatic son backed by 10 generations of VG or EX.

29HO13723 GAMEDAY – A Buckeye x Titanic sire for the heifer pen.


29HO13599 KAIMURAT – A Goldwyn son from Zelgadis family.

Look to the following three graduates for outstanding production:

529HO13718 RODRIGO – An ABS Sexation-exclusive Toystory x O Man son bred for high production and functional type.

29HO13665 ALTIMA – An Encino x O Man son making daughters ideal for commercial environments.

29HO13706 ORIENT – Jet Stream x Boliver from long line of bull mothers.

Sires for profitable, long-life cows suitable for any environment:


29HO13621 ZOLTAN – At +4.7 PL, this Zenith x O Man son is known for durable daughters.

29HO13769 JOB – Ideal sire stack (Shottle x Durham x Leadman).

29HO13507 CRIVAL – Shottle x Finley son from a deep cow family. Impeccable udders and high productive life (+3.8 PL).

529HO13669 SKYLINE – SKYLINE, an ABS Sexation-exclusive sire, sires daughters that are profitable at +3.9 PL and +1.4 DPR.

Finally, if your breeding program is based on a solid, balanced package, look to incorporate these ABS sires.

29HO13796 PONDER – A Buckeye x O Man grandson of Patron Genie, EX-90 DOM and 43,000 lbs milk with 1,800 lbs fat.

29HO12665 MEL – An exciting sire from the UK combines six generations of EX with Shottle x Capri Melinda EX-93 3E.

29HO13799 VENTURA – A Marsh x O Man sire to increase production without sacrificing udders.

529HO13659 RHODAMINE – An ABS Sexation-exclusive sire by Toystory x Mtoto strikes the balance of dairyness and strength.

94HO13637 REDBULL*RC – A Tribute son from the million-dollar, All-American cow Regiment Apple-Red, EX-94 DOM.

—From ABS Global news release

Accelerated Genetics sires shine following August summary

Accelerated Genetics had a very successful August 2011 Sire Summary and continues to have numerous breed leaders and new high-ranking releases available to help improve the genetics of your herd.

The “Big Three” from last summary, 014HO04929 MAN-O-MAN, 014HO05639 CM and 014HO05560 EMERALD, maintained their lofty positions as breed leaders for total performance. MAN-O-MAN and his clone, 014HO06429 MAN-O-MAN 2, hold down the No. 4 position on the TPI list.

014HO05639 CM is now Accelerated Genetics’ top proven bull for NM$ at +653. He is now at +2133 TPI and ranks eighth in the breed.

Ranked 12th on the TPI list, 014HO05560 EMERALD increased his levels of fat and protein and is now +.28 percent, +94 Fat and +.10 percent, +44 Protein.

The top new PACE release for TPI is 014HO05682 CALVARY, coming in at +1913 TPI, +2.52 Type and +1444 for milk.

014HO5714 STRONGHOLD is a high-ranking net merit new release from the PACE program.

014HO05667 SPEEDY and 014HO05628 DEMAS are both Toystory sons that join the active lineup, providing positive components and outstanding type along with calving ease.

014HO05646 TORANCE and 014HO05709 SUBPOP are Elegant sons that sire calving ease and great udders.

Another different sire stack can be found in 014HO05611 BARDIA, a Mango son with a +2.60 FLC and rated at 6 percent for calving ease.

014HO05543 LEON follows somewhat in Emerald’s footsteps as he is higher in components (+.14 percent Fat, +.05 percent Protein) and is also a 7 percent CE sire.

Accelerated Genetics’ first Bolton son to graduate to active status is 014HO05808 KIT KAT, a very solid bull with great ratings for type (+2.14) and production (+60 Fat, +34 Protein).

In the Jersey breed, 014JE00473 LOUIE continues his long reign as the No. 1 JPI sire at +209. Three new sires were added to the Jersey lineup this summary: 014JE00509 LIAM; 014JE00507 FLASH; and 014JE00519 LINCOLN.

A new release Guernsey sire also enters the lineup in 014GU00311 BEHOLD.

—From Accelerated Genetics news release

August proof reflects progress of Alta’s Global Advantage program

If you hopped on the Global Advantage bus early, you are surely patting yourself on the back for it now. This August proof round is rock-solid confirmation of the progress and performance that is possible through the Global Advantage program. All of Alta’s top six new release sires have been a G-Star, FutureStar or both, at some point in their early careers.

AltaR2 11HO10017, (Marion x Ramos, 2041 TPI), delivers on all fronts. Daughters of AltaR2 produce truckloads of quality milk (+1407 PTAM, 2.63 SCS), calve easily (6 percent DCE), outlive and out-contribute their herdmates (+4.2 PL, +552 NM$), all while maintaining a balanced type profile (+1.94 PTAT).

Another previous FutureStar with a unique pedigree is AltaBERLAGE 11HO9951, (Laudan x Addison, 1982 TPI). Considering Alta bulls with >+1,000 lbs PTAM, AltaBERLAGE is the highest for both PL (+5.2) and NM$ (+605).

When it comes to calving traits, no bull can outshine AltaLOCKLYN 11HO9956, (Shottle x O Man, 1977 TPI), at 5 percent SCE, 5 percent DCE, +1,118 lbs PTAM, +456 NM$, +1.1 DPR and functional conformation.

AltaTRIGGER 11HO9879, (Goldwyn x O Man, 1929 TPI), moved up almost 100 TPI points since his debut in April. AltaTRIGGER is +0.06 for PTAP percentage and +.15 for PTAF percentage, and possesses an attractive type profile (+2.12 PTAT).

Since his release in April, AltaTOYOTA 11HO10079, (Toystory x AltaFINLEY, 1928 TPI), has added over 50 daughters to his type proof and maintained his initial values (+2.41 PTAT, +2.37 UDC).

AltaOSOFINE 11HO9898, (O Man x AltaFINLEY, 1858 TPI) maintains his status as a ‘no-holes’ kind of bull siring long-lasting daughters (+3.9 PL) with good components as well as a +1.3 DPR and a 494 NM$.

Alta’s highest new release this round is AltaRENO 11HO9991, (Marion x O Man, 1944 TPI), with +1,740 lbs PTAM, +104 lbs CFP and a +3.48 FLC.

AltaTHROTTLE 11HO9895, (Shottle x AltaTHRONE, 1905 TPI), emerges into the proven lineup as Alta’s second-highest new release in terms of TPI.

AltaTRIANGLE 11HO9978, (FBI x Boliver, 1893 TPI), becomes officially proven this August round with +1,915 lbs PTAM, +92 lbs CFP and a PTAT of +2.29.

AltaBLACKWEL 11HO10001, (Boliver x O Man, 1886 TPI), receives his first official proof this round at +4.6 PL and +561 NM$.

Another former FutureStar and a different kind of bull is AltaCLINT 11HO1008, (Goldwyn x AltaFINLEY, 1791 TPI).

—From Alta Genetics news release

August proofs prove CRV growth and a progressive future

After two years of being in the U.S. A.I. scene, CRV has made some impressive developments, as well as created excitement globally with sire selection. The line-up incorporates new active bulls, high genomics, and substantial growth in many sires after their first U.S. genomic proof.

As a tribute to success, CRV now has 10 bulls over 2,100 TPI, as compared to zero bulls at that same benchmark two years ago.

CRV’s new genomic bulls spell progress, most emphasized by 97HO40346 Cookiecutter MOM HUNTER-ET. HUNTER’s numbers include 243I GTPI, 1847 lbs. Milk, +3.2 Type, 769 NM$, and a combined Fat and Protein of 149 lbs., making him the fifth-highest active bull in the breed for GTPI and CRV’s top TPI bull.

Another exciting bull installment includes 97HO40422 Melarry Bowser FUJI-ET TY, Bowser x Ramos, with 2142 GTPI, +2.23 Type, a 5 for CE, +1.79 UDC and +1.99 FLC.

97HO40467 Bomaz RUSSell 1097-ET offers a top pedigree with highlights in both management and type traits. RUSS boasts 1145 lbs. of Milk, 2048 GTPI, and nearly 600 for NM$, CM$ and FM$ each.

Our first Mascol son, 97HO08161 Visstein GUNFIRE has 0.11% Fat, +2.15 Type, +1.86 UDC and +1.65 FLC. CRV’s last new active bull is 97HO07937 Delta NEARBY RC, Canvas x Ramos, an outcrossed red carrier at 4.5 percent EFI with 802 lbs. Milk, 48 lbs. Fat and 34 lbs. Protein.

—From CRV news release

Genex introduces 15 new sires over $650 LNM

Sourcing high-genetic merit sires for breeding programs is easier following the August 2011 sire summary as Genex Cooperative, Inc. now has 45 Holstein sires that surpass the +$650 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) level. Fifteen of those are new debuts, diverse in pedigrees but alike in ability to promote progress.

Making prominent debuts are 1HO03070 ECOYNE ISY at +$86 LNM and 1HO10226 PERRY at +$812 LNM. ECOYNE ISY is a Planet x Bret son with +1,798 PTA Milk, +2.47 PTA Type, +2.15 Udder Composite and a +6.9 Productive Life. PERRY has solid production with +2.47 PTAT, +2.19 Udder Composite, +2.45 FLC, +6.8 PL and +1.8 DPR.

1HO10296 BOYOBOY established himself as the complete genetic package including +$789 LNM, +2372 TPI, +2.78 PTAT, +2.21 UDC, +2.66 FLC, +5.9 PL and +1.5 DPR.

1HO10294 LIQUOR is a new sire with over a ton of milk (+2058).

Readily available in both GenChoice sexed semen and conventional semen is 1HO10236 LEWIS with +$726 LNM, +1,190 PTAM, +2.71 PTAT, +2.93 UDC, +2.92 FLC , +6.8 PL, +1.5 DPR, +2.73 SCS and 7 percent SCE.

1HO10242 GENTRY (+$723 LNM) offers quality milk, long-lasting cows and trouble-free legs and udders.

1HO10293 PAIR offers high components and low SCS as well as style (+2.75 PTAT).

1HO10080 DUSK (Planet x Wizard) creates daughters that last, breed back and carry healthy udders.

1HO03079 FORHO ISY (Planet x O Man) is a big-time milk improver (+1937) producing strong and dairy daughters with adequate size.

1HO10410 PEACAN (Planet x Boss Iron) is attributed with impressive production, hardy daughters and extreme dairy strength.

1HO10260 ZIGGY (Jeeves x Shottle) is an MVP for Foot and Leg Composite at +3.12.

The industry’s first sons of 1HO08778 Super have joined the lineup at +$671 and +$662 LNM. 1HO10297 CHAP demands attention for his +3.84 PTAT and +2.99 Udder Composite. 1HO09875 ALMOND is an “everything” bull with production (+1539), conformation (+2.39 PTAT) and health traits.

Following suit as new sons of Genex sires are 1HO10217 MASTER *BY and 1HO10227 SCRAMBLE, both sired by 1HO09527 Massey. MASTER has udder appeal and enhances fat and protein. At +$656 LNM, SCRAMBLE improves components (+0.08 percent Protein, +0.25 percent Fat).

—From Genex news release

IPS releases No. 7 Type bull with August proofs

International Protein Sires realized significant enhancements in their sire lineup with the August 2011 sire summaries.

The newest shinning star at IPS is 6HO1170 Karona Gold Luster. Luster enters the proven sire lineup ranked No. 7 in the breed for type at +3.24. Two additional IPS bulls are in the Top 35 for type, 6HO1068 Dynasty at +2.93T and 6HO1036 Arrow at +2.88T.

6HO1124 Tycoon-Red continues to grow in prestige with the addition of second-crop daughters. He is No. 7 in the breed for productive life and ranks No. 4 in the breed for somatic cell score as well as No. 4 Red & White bull of the breed based on TPI.

Three proven IPS sires rank in the breed’s top ten for milk yield: 6HO1150 Yankee, 6HO1156 Lucifer and 6HO1030 Lilyman.

Four proven sires are in the top 50 for productive life: 6HO1124 Tycoon-Red, No. 7 at 6.4PL; 6HO1152 Zade, No. 9 at 6.3PL; 6HO1046 Bevan, No. 45 at 4.5PL; and 36HO0346 Mars, No. 47 at 4.4PL.

A genomic-tested young sire, 6HO1163 Lights Out, enters the IPS battery at a breed-leading +2283GTPI.

—From IPS news release

Select Sires is home to the No. 1 TPI and type sires

Select Sires’ Holstein lineup is stronger than ever, featuring elite sires with diverse pedigrees. Lineup highlights include the No. 1 Total Performance IndexSM (TPISM) sire, 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM), the breed leader for Type, 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-94) and the addition of 15 new Holstein graduates that offer sires for every breeder’s needs.

PLANET climbed to the top of the Official Top 100 TPI list with a GTPI of +2222 with 1,747 daughters in 553 herds. This FeedPRO sire continues to exhibit profitability with high volumes of milk (+2,368) and breed-leading Net Merit dollar value (+726 NM$). He also leads Select Sires’ lineup for components (+80 Fat and +68 Protein). PLANET builds cows with functional type (+2.18 PTAT) that last (+5.9 PL).

As the No. 1 sire in the breed for type at +3.89 PTAT, BRAXTON excels in all composite scores: +2.25 UDC, +2.46 FLC, + 4.44 BD and +3.48 Dairy Composite (D).

Entering active A.I. as the No. 1 Holstein for Udder Composite (+3.79 UDC) is 7HO9545 Siemers Toys HERO 9701-ET (EX-92). This elite type sire is the No. 2 sire in the breed for type (+3.60 PTAT) and ranks among the top 20 sires of the breed on Holstein Association USA’s Official Top 100 TPI list (+2073 GTPI).

7HO9501 UFM-Dubs OLEGANT-ET (EX-90), tops Select Sires’ new graduates for GTPI at +2167 offering the complete package as a solid production sire (+1,131 Milk) with positive components as well as a +615 NM$, +2.21 PTAT, +2.19 UDC and +1.72 FLC. He excels in health traits (+5.1 PL and +2.0 DPR) and also stands out at 4 percent Calving Ease.

DIAMOND SELECTion and FeedPRO sires 7HO9754 Matt-Dari Sharky DAYTON-ET (EX-92), 7HO9446 Ronelee RSVP DREAMER-ET (VG-88) and 7HO9502 UFM-Dubs OMAR-ET (EX-93) will meet the needs of any breeder due to their diverse offerings.

DAYTON will add profitability to any herd with an elite GTPI (+2021), volumes of milk (+1,485), high components (+76 Fat and +46 Protein) and high Net Merit dollar value (+539 NM$).

DREAMER, (+1940 GTPI), combines conformation (+1.73 Type) and production (+1,726 Milk).

OMAR exhibits strong production (+1,501 Milk and +57 Fat), improves Net Merit dollar value (+400 NM$) and adds functional type (+1.82 PTAT). He also reduces Somatic Cell Score (+2.62 SCS) and lowers calving difficulty (6 percent CE).

As the leading Red sire for type (+2.94 PTAT), 7HO9552 Scientific DEBONAIR-RED-ETS (EX-91) displays a near-perfect linear with +02.04 UDC, +1.58 FLC and +3.6 SCR.

—From Select Sires news release

Sierra Desert Breeders hit milestone in August

August 2011 was a great month for Sierra Desert Breeders. With a great proof run, we are happy to announce that we are marketing the No. 1 foot-and-leg bull in the breed at 4.08. 506HO223 CABERNET BOLTON SUNTAN (2051 TPI) is a Bolton genomic son out of the Great Velvet View KJ Sunburst-et EX93 cow. He is a very impressive bull with a linear that is off the charts. He boasts a 3.68 Type and a 2.83 UDC.

We also released a new proven bull 506HO118 REGANCREST RYKER that we see huge demand for already. He is backed by a 92-point dam by Durham. He is 2.83 PTAT with a 2.46 UDC. This Shottle son is 361 milk who sires high fat at +0.15 percent.

On the Jersey side, we are very happy to see many new daughters of 506JE171 MILLSTREAM BELLRINGER. He sires tall, dairy and excellent udders that transmit very high fat. BELLRINGER is a direct descendent of Duncan Bell. At 96 percent reliable, this is his third consecutive proof where his milk and type both improved.

On the Jersey genomic side, we are very pleased to have the No. 3 milk bull in the breed, 506JE296 RIVERBEND DALE BUMBLE BEE. We are also marketing Montbeliarde bulls from France. We are very happy to have VALFIN as one of the bulls we offer to our customers. VALFIN is the No. 1 bull in the world at 167 ISU.

Sierra Desert Breeders hit a huge milestone early in August 2011 with the sale of its millionth unit of semen. It took us almost exactly four years to sell that millionth unit, with most of the sales coming in the last 18 months or so. We want to thank all of our great customers and representatives that worked very hard to achieve this milestone.

—From Sierra Desert Breeders news release

Semex Jerseys in August proofs – success!

As promised, Semex’s 0200JE00986 BW VENERABLE proved his superiority with the addition of 32 daughters. He has increased +22 JPI and now ranks No. 8 in the breed for JPI and jumped +61 NM$, +56CM$ and has increased for PTAT and JUI.

0200JE00040 THREE-VALLEYS MAGNUM-E has increased from +107 to +124 GJPI with the addition of 15 daughters in seven herds. This BW Country son combines the deep open rib of his sire with the great udders of his maternal grandsire and the strength of the Maids. With an impressive increase of more than +150 lbs of milk, MAGNUM has proven that he sires a great combination of production and type.

0200JE00985 BW SEVILLE has added 100 daughters to his proof and has shown the power and stability of an elite second-crop bull. The expectation of elite udders traits from SEVILLE was confirmed with an increase of JUI to 3.24, while both PL and DPR increased to show how longevity will follow this sire’s breeding pattern. PD

—From Semex news release