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Taurus adds a new Powerhouse
Taurus Service, Inc., announces the debut of 76HO0437 Windy Knoll View Powerhouse EX-93. This Outside son of Stardust Peggy x Pala exhibits an impressive type profile without a single negative in his proof. He is +2.54PTAT +2.09 UDC +2.02 F&L. Powerhouse is siring daughters with extreme size and strength with a deep, open rib structure. He also scores 2.93 Strong for fore udder attachment and 2.79 High in rear udder height. A breed leader at +3.5 PL and low SCS (2.90), along with having positive values for milk, fat and protein pounds and percent, Powerhouse is the new bull to consider with +1568 TPI.

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Interest in crossbreeding is at perhaps an all-time high among commercial dairy producers internationally. Over the past 50 years, North American Holsteins have steadily increased as a percentage of the national dairy herd in most countries. However, circumstances have changed regarding the historical superiority of pure Holsteins compared to crossbreds.

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