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Equipment Hub: Operate compact loaders remotely

Britta Kopp for Progressive Dairy Published on 24 August 2020
Producer operates a compact track loader

Compact equipment technologies have changed dramatically over the years. Today, manufacturers are designing highly productive machines and adding more sophisticated features, like remote control technology, to allow you to run a busy dairy operation in new and innovative ways.

What exactly is a remote-controlled machine? It’s exactly what it sounds like. The advanced technology of remote operation allows you or your employees to control your machine and the work it does from outside the cab using an iOS app on your Apple smartphone.



Remote-control operation benefits

Remote-control operation is designed to help make your compact equipment more productive and user-friendly. Until recently, the completely portable technology only worked using a transmitter strapped around the neck of an operator. While that is still an option, remote control technology has been created that is used via an iOS app on an Apple smartphone or tablet. This means you no longer need to plan out when you’ll be using this technology or remembering to bring a large remote to a job site. Instead, you can use your Apple smartphone at a moment’s notice.

Remote operation can be used for skid steer and compact track loaders with joystick controls. One of the main advantages of this technology is the ability for you and your operators to have complete visibility of the machine without being in the cab. Standing outside of the machine allows you to see every angle and adjust accordingly. You can also operate more effectively by navigating confined areas, like barns or stalls, from outside the cab and by having more control when operating various attachments.

Additional benefits of this technology are the opportunity for enhanced operator comfort and a more inclusive working environment. For example, if you or your equipment operators are unable to sit in the cab of a loader for a full eight- to 10-hour shift for any reason, you can work outside of the cab without losing any productivity.

Jobs you can perform

For work that often requires two people, remote operation can be immeasurably helpful. You can perform a variety of tasks all by yourself. Load trucks without making countless trips in and out of the cab, use a pallet fork to lift, carry and place materials – all without hiring an extra set of hands.

You and your compact loader operators can also utilize remote operation when working in applications with a higher safety risk. By operating a machine remotely, you can do the work from outside the cab, which adds time savings and efficiency.


The latest advancements

Every year, technology has a way of innovating and advancing faster than the other segments of the industry. Remote operation is no exception. By having the system literally in your pocket at all times, you don’t need to plan out when you’re using remote control technology for your dairy operation. You can simply pull it out of your pocket, enhancing your productivity and service offerings. You also don’t need to purchase multiple remote controls for you or your operators, as they likely have an Apple smartphone already sitting in their pocket.

The addition of remote control technology could improve almost every aspect of your dairy operation – from your bottom line to your productivity. In today’s business landscape, maybe it’s time to expand your operation with, not another piece of machinery, but with the latest forms of compact equipment technology.  end mark

PHOTO: This producer operates a compact track loader remotely to load dirt in a waiting truck. Photo courtesy of Doosan-Bobcat.

Britta Kopp is a marketing manager with Bobcat Company.