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Barns & Equipment

Whether using a tiestall, freestall, dry lot or pasture, here are some tips for cow comfort and maintaining farm facilities and equipment.


Well might 2020 be called the asterisk year. From now on, any five-year average or historical data could well put an asterisk beside 2020 to explain the anomaly of a pandemic. What did it affect? Well, what didn’t it affect? It’ll be the year that screwed the curve.

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This is the second of three articles in the series "Flipping your freestalls." Read the first, “Flipping your freestalls: What to watch for, how to measure.”

Tip 1: Improve the stall surface

When cows are not provided with a comfortable place to rest, they will not use or occupy the stalls well. Hock injuries are commonly observed in situations where cows are forced to lie on a hard surface or when insufficient bedding is provided.

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Time. We say we never have enough of it, but the reality is: It is the only truly fair thing on earth.

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This is the first of three articles in the series "Flipping your freestalls."

In recent years, the concept of buying old houses, renovating and reselling them has been popularized by many television shows. This process is called house “flipping.” You can apply the same concept to freestall barns.

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The job isn’t over just because the temperatures drop. Harsh winter weather can have a harsh impact on your equipment, especially without the right maintenance.

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