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Whether using a tiestall, freestall, dry lot or pasture, here are some tips for cow comfort and maintaining farm facilities and equipment.



You may have noticed that you are losing oil but you don’t know where – all you know is that the five gallons you put in your tractor is all but gone. You don’t have an obvious leak under the tractor when it’s parked, but there is some oil in the back where the implement is hooked up.

Is that oil just from connecting and disconnecting the implement or is it a bigger problem? If there are no other apparent leaks then it could be the coupler or O-ring that is damaged.

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This article was #1 in PDmag's Top 5 most-well read New Technology articles in 2010.

Summary: The Greenfreestall, a division of Tags4All Global Inc., has created a freestall structure that is adjustable, movable and, most importantly, comfortable for cows. The sides of the design are made of composite flex piping and allow for increased flexibility. In addition, the structure adjusts in the following ways:
• the height of the plastic tubes
• the height of the neck bracket
• the length of the neck bracket
• the width of the bed

Because this article was so popular, we asked John Moses of Greenfreestalls some follow-up questions:

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In order to do a good job of cleaning, we calf raisers have to learn how to do each step properly. In addition to knowing how to do the job, what else is needed? Proper water, chemicals and supplies!


First, adequate water is a must. When too little water is available, we are tempted to skip steps. We fail to rinse equipment before washing. We fail to do an acid rinse after washing.

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Mechanics 1

I know a boy and a father that were killed in rollovers, a boy that was wrapped up and killed in a PTO and another guy that had his arm messed up in a PTO. I barely pulled a small boy out of the way of the tractor his father was driving. The father didn’t know his son had followed him out and was standing in front of the tractor. There are many such cases and accidents that change families all over the country because someone wasn’t careful or aware of their surroundings. Safety is an often overlooked aspect of equipment management. However, it’s a topic that can have major consequences on you, the operator and your business.

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Providing a dry comfortable resting area for dairy cattle is essential to their health.

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If your implement isn’t working, some people want to unhook the coupler and work the remote levers under the implement housing while looking directly into it.

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