Slideshow: Milky Way Dairy and its sand-bedding robot

Published on 04 January 2018

The Martin family of Milky Way Dairy in New Paris, Indiana, robotically bed their freestall barn with sand.

The bedding robot travels overhead and conveys sand from either side to fill each set of head-to-head stalls in the four-row barn with one pass. It adds sand to the fronts of the stalls multiple times throughout the day, and the cows work it back through the beds naturally. The automated bedding delivery system complements the robots that milk the dairy's 250 cows.  end mark

Read more about how the bedding robot benefits the farm.

See the operation in the slideshow below. Photos by Sherry Bunting and the Martin family.

Milky Way Dairy and the first U.S. sand-bedding robot

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