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5 things I can't do without: Arie Roeloffs

PD Staff Published on 19 September 2012


Arie Roeloffs comes from a family that has been dairying for generations. Southfield Dairy in Wendell, Idaho, began milking in 1992. They have almost 5,200 head and raise all of their own calves, with almost 700 on a bottle. They also farm 5,500 acres, growing their own corn. We asked Roeloffs what the 5 things were that he can’t live without when it comes to calf raising.




1. Jose Vargas (pictured at right)
“My manager. Jose has been with Southfield Dairy
for close to 18 years. He does a great job.”

2. Industrial pressure washer

“Cleanliness is the key. You have to keep everything sanitary and not allow cross-contamination. This will help to keep your E. coli and Salmonella bugs out of there. Keep your nipples sanitized and your bottles and hutches clean. Our pressure washer makes that possible. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

3. A good pasteurizer

“The pasteurizer allows us to pasteurize the hospital milk. You have to kill the bacteria. You kill good bacteria too, but there are a lot more bad ones than good ones out there.”

4. Team of treaters
“You need to have a great team of calf treaters. These are people who have an eye for calves and know what needs to be done to keep everything going. Our team has been in place for close to eight years.”

5. Vaccines

“We’re really strong on the prevention side of things, so our vaccines are very important. We’ve been following a strict protocol since day one. We use vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies.” PD