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Resources for managing calves this winter

PD staff Published on 21 October 2010

As the weather turns colder, your calves and heifers need more attention and care. Here are our top 10 picks for online resources you can rely on this winter:

Dairy Calf and Heifer Association
The Dairy Calf and Heifer Assocation's Learning Center is a great tool for discovering more information about the DCHA Gold Standards. And if you're not yet signed up for the DCHA Tip of the Week e-newsletter, you should be. The October 12, 2010 tip focused on winter bedding.



Hubbard Feeds
Click the link above to visit the Hubbard Feeds website and download the "Calf Success – Raising Healthy Calves in Winter Weather" pdf. Find out why calves need extra energy during cold weather. Plus, check out the most recent Hub podcast, focusing on colostrum replacers.

Attica Veterinary Associates
On his Calf Facts page, veterinarian Sam Leadley provides tips and checklists for your most common calf and heifer care questions. Be sure to download the Cold Weather Calf Care Checklist to make sure you cover all your bases in your replacement program.

Vita Plus
In the latest Starting Strong e-newsletter, Vita Plus experts discuss calf blankets, transition pens and guarding against respiratory diseases.

University of Minnesota: Calves and heifers
Find articles related to management, nutrition, health, housing and economics. Will your calves and heifers have a comfortable winter?
This site provides monthly updates related to calf care and calving ease, and it offers these resources in three languages besides English — Spanish, Portugese and Japanese. The most recent update, provided by Dr. Jim Quigley, summarizes recent research about mastitis and its effect on colostrum.


University of Wisconsin - Extension: Dairy Calf and Heifer Management
Growth charts, case studies, workshop presentations and valuable protocols are all available through this website. Spend some time researching what you can implement into your operation.

Land O'Lakes Purina Feed
If you're having trouble finding the answer to your questions, check out Amli-Calf Technology's Ask the Expert section.

Calf Scours Treatment
Joost de Groot is based in the Netherlands and working as a research assistant for a Dutch-based feed company. He told Progressive Dairyman he needed a new challenge, so he decided to share his expertise via the Internet. In addition to regular articles related to symptoms and treatment for scours, his website offers a free newsletter.

Penn State University: Calves and Heifers
The website links above provide the latest Penn State research on raising replacements. Check out the site's new calculator to troubleshoot your colostrum management program.

Check back often to our Calf and Heifer Raising section in Dairy Basics for more research updates, new protocols and advice on raising the next generation of your herd. PD

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